5 useful tips on how to keep your skin in the cold

January 29, 2017

The impact of winter on our appearance? Scientists say that the infamous “frost and sun” contribute to the aging of the skin. Add to this the vitamin deficiency, hypothermia, dry air and windy weather. But our tips will help you protect the beauty in the harsh conditions of winter.

What happens to the skin?

Lowering the temperature primarily affects the blood vessels in the skin. When you leave home in the cold, blood vessels expand dramatically, and if the skin is thin, can manifest vascular mesh. After some time the blood vessels begin to narrow our skin tends to preserve the natural heat. Outwardly, it seems that the face turns pale. From such “exercises” deteriorating blood flow and metabolism in the skin. As a consequence, less digestible nutrients and the skin is poorly hydrated. The complexion becomes dull, the surface is rough and uneven. But if your body is healthy, nothing like this should happen – the skin will naturally adapt to CE. temperature variations. Often the frosty air and lack of vitamins weakens the immune system of the skin. Delicate pale skin that easily turns red, the least resistant to weather changes. This is because this skin don’t store up enough moisture. In winter, the humidity is lowered, since water evaporates in the cold poorly. Enemy of the skin becomes and Central heating, it dries the skin and acts as a source of additional stress, when we go from the cold into a hot and dry atmosphere.

Protect face

Even with the first cold weather we changed the light moisturizing creams on a fatty and nutritious. But even this cream should apply on face for at least an hour before going outside, so he had to be completely absorbed. Otherwise tiny particles of moisture, which is included in the cream, the cold will turn into shards of ice.

Out of a desire to protect the face in the frost, we put the cream in a dense layer. But, if under a “fur coat” you spend a lot of time in a heated room, the skin ceases to breathe and makeup very quickly “dissolved”. So before you go out, put on the face fat cream (for example, time-tested Nivea Creme in the tin jar), and came to work, wipe the face with tissue to remove makeup, apply a soft cream or moisturizing tone.

Try to avoid spicy foods, alcohol, too hot baths, especially in the last week of the menstrual cycle, when your skin is particularly sensitive. Moisturize the air in the apartment – with the help of special devices or simply vessels with water, put in the battery. Your body also needs moisture, so drink plenty of fluids – water and fresh juices.

If you are a fan of winter sports and long walks in the frosty air, follow the advice of our grandmothers and lubricate the face goose fat. Cut the fat in small pieces, melt in a water bath and strain.

In winter, after a stay in the street often feel the skin tight, red and scaly. To eliminate these unpleasant symptoms will help hot compress. Wet a towel or cloth in hot water, decoction of chamomile or lime and leave on face for 2-3 minutes. After that, DAB your face with a towel and, if you have time, make nourishing or refreshing mask.

Maintain your smooth lips

Do not forget every day use of a soothing lip balm. Day apply it under lipstick. Matte lasting lipstick is better not to use in the cold season. Greasy, moisturizing glosses are now more appropriate.

If lips are chapped, don’t use for some time the lipstick: it will only emphasize the irregularities and prevent the healing of the skin. Clean the surface of your lips from the dead skin by using a special exfoliating or regular toothbrush. Apply to brush a little fat cream and massage your lips.

Chill on the lips occurs more often in winter than in other seasons. Exacerbation of herpes is due to lowered immunity. To prevent ugly sores on lips, try to sleep more, take vitamins and avoid hypothermia.

If the cold is still there, disguise it only at the initial stage, until it becomes wet. Use liquid concealer and loose powder and apply over the lipstick.

Add lights

The fact that our skin loses moisture in the winter, reflects directly on its appearance. Give the face a natural glow by using a Foundation with light reflecting particles. It is desirable that the composition of the cream includes moisturizing and softening the skin components and vitamins.

Don’t use too much loose powder – skin will look dull and wrinkles will stand out. Matting sticks too, now should be avoided.

Rich shades of cosmetics and face powder, bronzing effect will help to hide the traces of winter fatigue.

Try to make the tri-color hair weave – you’ll notice that the color of the face will seem fresher.

Strong shiny hair is an important attribute of a healthy appearance. Now try not to do the chemo and don’t dry the hair too often. Better apply on the hair firming serum and wrap hair curlers.

Take care of the body

Body skin also suffers in winter from drying out. From scrubs and tough sponges should be abandoned now. Use a gentle ph-neutral shower gel and nutrient-rich hand cream.

Apply the cream onto wet skin to achieve maximum hydration. RUB the cream on the direction of the hair growth on the body – this will help to avoid irritation and cracks.

Try not to wear clothes made of synthetics, especially if you have to spend a lot of time in transport. Contact with the artificial material may cause irritation.

Pay attention to the hands

Even if you protect your hands with warm gloves and regularly use nourishing creams, skin often becomes coarse and rough. Apply the cream several times a day – especially after you have washed your hands. And remember that before going out you need to wait to make the cream completely absorbed into the skin.

If you came in from the cold, you probably have a desire to warm their hands at the battery or under running hot water. Don’t be tempted – extreme temperatures and contact with hot water will cause the owner harm.

Natural remedies

Honey, olive oil, fat cottage cheese and egg yolks will help to soften chapped skin in the winter. Make these foods masks for face, body, hands, elbows and feet. Apply honey on lips – it will help to cope with herpes.

Add one tablespoon of honey in a bath of warm water. This bath will not only make the skin smooth and soft, but will give you energy after a hard day. Can also add vegetable oil.

Mix 2 egg yolks with a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of vegetable oil and you will get a great remedy for hair. Whisk the mixture and RUB into the scalp. Then wrap your head with foil and a towel. After 15-20 minutes wash the hair with shampoo. Hair after this mask will be shiny, soft, easier to style.

If you have frostbite

You came home from the street and found on skin pale or livid spots is considered a first degree frost bite. In more serious cases, there may be bubbles and even dead skin. First, take a warm, about 30°, the bath and gradually increase the water temperature to 40°. In no case do not RUB the skin, especially the alcoholic solution. Better lubricate the affected area with goose fat or nourishing cream for sensitive skin.

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