5 signs that the child needs to change schools

January 17, 2017

Even if you’ve chosen a school for a child very carefully studied the reviews and “looking moves” – it may happen that things will change. How to understand that it is time to look for something more suitable?

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He is without friends

School is not only lessons and a way to fill the child with knowledge, prepare for exams and learn how to solve Olympiad problems. At school, he spends more than half of the day – and he should be comfortable there, and, most importantly, must be someone to talk to and someone to feel the community. Got friends? Well, then, there is the opportunity to feel a part of the pack to find their place in this mini society, and there is a chance that the friendship will develop into friendship. But if not only friends in the class no, but literally no one with whom for the day the word spread, and the interests and Hobbies of the whole class the opposite of everything that pleases your child – it’s time to find him another pack.

He has a conflict with a teacher

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Without conflicts and misunderstandings probably not do in 11 years of study. But the cases are different, and a good teacher usually remembers that communicates with the child, and not equal to adults, and the situation will be resolved one way or another. But if your child regularly wears undeserved deuces or concerns clearly and strongly dislikes, dreads or avoids one of the teachers – perhaps the conflict had already gone too far.

He became the object of persecution

School bullying is actually a huge problem. If the child is in the classroom teasing, but then it goes into this persecution – we can only help the teacher, school psychologist and school administration, and response must follow immediately – then the position can still be corrected. If the school is not to intervene in children’s conflicts, formally to reprimand offenders or tell you parents that it all happened because of your approach to the education of your child – a school should change.

He gets a solid five and misses

Your child is a high achiever. On the one hand, it’s wonderful (especially if you don’t sit with them for lessons and generally withdrew from his studies). On the other hand, five light and understanding that he effortlessly is above the average level of training of the rest of the class, sooner or later will deprive the child of motivation – why bother, if it all turns out? First, it becomes boring – there is no difficulty and challenge, nothing to overcome, secondly, the reputation of excellence soon work against him – somewhere the error will not notice somewhere too lazy to forgive. So if you see the shaft of fives to start with, check if they are real knowledge, and then look for a school where the General level is higher.

He changed interests

Yes, the interests of children change frequently, but after 12-13 years they have become more obvious. If a boy with a strong interest in physics and robotics goes to school with profound studying of the French language, he gets no opportunity to get acquainted with the areas that are now in the first place (and at the same time will suffer, and French). Zone of proximal development suggests that today the child has mastered with the teacher, tomorrow he will be able to do yourself, but if interests are not support – they will fade away. Have the child clear tendency to a certain area – so there and the school that these biases can develop. Eugene Golobokova

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