5 plants that get rid of mosquitoes

August 2, 2016

Bush fragrant lavender in a flower pot will help you better elektromehaniki in the fight against flying insects

What plants repel mosquitoes


We enjoy the scent of lavender, but flying insects, like mosquitoes, are unlikely to share with us this pleasure: they will immediately disappear. The best variety of this plant against mosquitoes ‒ Lavandin containing a greater concentration of camphor, the smell of which repels insects.

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Melissa or lemon mint

Its pronounced lemon flavor reminiscent of citronella (but in a much more pleasant option). In fact, plants containing high levels of citronellol, act as a natural repellent, highly insect repellent. Plant these aromatic plants against mosquitoes at the cottage!


A pot of Basil will really help you to enjoy the nature outdoors, in silence and peace without the attacks of insects. This is one of the few plants that emit a strong scent, for which you do not need to crush or tear the leaves. Just put a pot with him at a window or on a table in the garden.

Catnip (Catnip Japanese)

Another plant against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and mosquitoes hate Catnip, for cats it is better than Valerian, so do not let Pets chew or pull out plants by the roots. It will be useful for mosquito control.


What’s good for your Mojito, so good for your skin. The fact that the mint leaves in the shape of a bunch or chopped, in a Cup, will help deter mosquitoes in the evening, and the essential oil contained in leaves effectively soothe itching after insect bites.

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