5 mistakes when choosing a nanny

July 1, 2016

Mom and dad work, and grandma is busy with their life, then rushes to the aid of the nanny. How to avoid mistakes when her best tips from the television channel Fox Life

Mistake # 1: you are looking for a nanny with pedagogical education

How else, your child needs to educate professionals. But the problem is that nurses with extensive experience in a kindergarten or school can be quite difficult to recognize that the child is the personality that it will have to adapt and it will have to learn to communicate. They used to command a large group of children, ready to follow plans and instructions, and most importantly, believe that children should unquestioningly obey adults. But it is not always right!

Mistake # 2: do you expect that the nanny will love children

The goal of a good nanny is to establish with the child a warm and friendly attitude and be his authority to be obeyed. In fact, the nanny who warmly assures you of his love for children, something to keep back. Being a nanny is the same as to be, for example, engineer: required of her clearly and with a soul to perform their duties in return for a salary. And hours to worry about the welfare of the pupil. Your child has parents and a bunch of other relatives – that they may love him.

Mistake # 3: you believe that the youth is the lack of

You think that the nanny had no children of their own, will not be able to take good care of your own? Yes, perhaps the experience she is not too much, but not all those stereotypes about how should look and behave in a “proper” child and how he should treat his nanny. While she has strengths, activity, mobility, flexibility of thinking, willingness to games and adventure, so the young child may be almost perfect for preschoolers and primary school children. And all the household rules, she will learn very quickly.

Mistake # 4: you do not consider the compatibility of the caregiver and child

As there is no universal nannies, so there is no universal children: if you focus only on the nanny resume and you have prepared a list of duties, the relationship between the nanny and child may not develop. Active and cheerful baby is unlikely to fit slow and melancholic governess. A good nanny will ask for the first character and temperament of a potential pupil and tell us about yourself. So you can understand, “work” does this pair.

Mistake # 5: you choose a nanny that you don’t like

You would think that if the candidate in nanny like a child, the deed is done, let it starts to work. But with this person you have to spend a lot of time, and often productive, to communicate, to ask about something, to Express their disagreement, perhaps, make comments – in General, to be in close contact. If the prospective nanny does not cause you sympathy, constructive communication will not work, so listen to your intuition and choose a nanny, which is comfortable for the whole family.

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