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August 8, 2016

A little girl with pigtails came in once Ivanova in cinematography, as well as in the hearts of the fans. And only when Svetlana began to take on the role for the role it became clear that “little girl” has a big heart and a strong character.

The future star was born in Moscow to the family of power engineers. Parents wanted to give her daughter an excellent education, and the girl showed a desire to exact Sciences, so study Svetlana went to the prestigious new economic school. Both parents and herself Ivanova knew that after graduation before the successful student will open the doors of any University, and when the daughter of 14 years became interested in theater, special values are not given.

In the school drama Studio Light went along with a friend, and immediately began to dream of going out on stage for real, becoming a famous actress. For graduation my parents became worried: instead of preparatory courses any mathematics of the University, the daughter went to the school of the Moscow art theater, hoping after graduation to do it there. But failed the exams. Instead of upset, went to VGIK.

How to tell in the interview the actress, and seemed to her that this huge beautiful building with columns at the top of the stairs is Nikita Mikhalkov and upon seeing it exclaims: “Svetlana! And we are just waiting for you!”. Something like this happened, only without Mikhalkov: the first time young beauty won the hearts of members of the selection Committee.

Three novels of Cinematography

Classmates remember her as a very intelligent girl, a real Muscovite, who rarely took part in student parties, and after school would go straight home. Therefore, her romance with a classmate from Tomsk Vanya by lapidim was somewhat surprised students.

The story was romantic. They went everywhere together, hugged, looked at each other with adoring eyes… For classmates it was a surprise when Ivanova literally at one point went from Vani Lapina to star rate hot – tempered handsome Ivan Prosectomy. This relationship has been very serious, however two future artist constantly loud and charismatic to sort things out.

The whole course shows: both were in love for real, with passions and weighty expressions. When cursing the splinters flew, and Ivan still could get drunk so that his feet did not hold. Once they even reconciled the whole course, because the guy was sorry, so he was worried about a fight.

This affair lasted long, but had a happy ending. Once out of the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre to them for the course transferred a tall slender handsome Alex Frandetti, and Svetlana in front of him could not resist.

A ceremony without legal force

With Frandetti they met not long. Is not just involved in the movie, Svetlana and now she’s gone to play in the series “From love to love”. On the set met a talented operator Vyacheslav Lisnevskiy.

The actress admits: no love at first sight, or even much romance in their relationship. Just a couple a lot of talking, a man and a woman gradually opened up to each other, and one day I realized that looking in the same direction.

Glory and Light began to live together. Friends joked that she chose the operator that he shot only her. Indeed, Lisnevschi called Ivanov in few of my projects. But the wedding guys to play not in a hurry. The actress says that knew a lot of couples who got married literally at work and in the way they wanted.

The lovers dreamed that they will have an absolutely magical event and a nice long honeymoon. But that Glory, that Light would not let shooting. Once he managed to get out. Thank made favorite surprise – bought a tour to the Maldives. There they rented a boat to go around the Islands to learn about the culture and chat with locals. At the end of such leave Svetlana was in for another surprise: the Glory has arranged the marriage ceremony!

Beautiful and romantic wedding in local traditions Ivanova remembered for a long time, but void the marriage had not. After returning home, they were not painted.


Ivanova doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, in her interview a lot more analysis of the characters, which she had to embody. Until she calls his iconic role, but says that every actress needs to play to 35.

Today this actress more than sixty roles, she is in demand and always busy on set. On the only ones left, quarreling with loved ones. They were often scenes in detail: the removable apartment, the world does not like it, cooking is not like the Glory… And here is a new project: dzhanik Fayziev has invited the actress for the lead role in August. The eighth”.

The movie was in normal mode, but the team quickly began to whisper: the Director with the actress leading role – Roman. By the end of the shooting Ivanov was getting very tired, very nervous. Fayziev has insisted that she quit, he followed her example – so as not to tempt. And very soon became evident to her rounded tummy.

To Fame she never returned and once again surprised his classmates who were convinced I was pregnant Ivanova from Lisnevsky. Soon, there appeared little Pauline, which shows no Light nor friends, nor even the press. According to rumors, the girl was born from the Director Janik Fayzieva, but Svetlana, this question is not commented.

Ivanov admires her beloved, who does not name, and whom she had a daughter. Says he is the most wonderful man in the world that she was looking for, and happy that such a man is finally near. And when it comes to this marriage quotes Catherine Deneuve, who said that the best way to keep the love of a man is not to marry him.

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