5 indoor plants that create an ideal microclimate in the house

January 23, 2017

It is known that houseplants help clean indoor air and enrich it with oxygen and help to maintain a comfortable humidity level. But there are among them undeniable leaders who just need to have a home. Want to know what?


And among them are ficus benjamina and Ficus Elastica. They are very unpretentious and hardy. Among the features is the ability to filter the harmful formaldehyde.

Nephrolepsis or potted fern

Helps to cheer up if you feel the lack of energy, and this plant purifies the air and absorbs harmful radiation from TV or computer.

Stateville or happiness

It is believed that this flower brings home the love and happiness, and therefore very popular. And he pulls excess moisture from the air, so more suitable for wet areas and is able to fight mold spores.


This plant can work wonders. It cleans the air, produces a huge amount of oxygen and is able to clean the air of harmful substances emitted by synthetic materials.
Care is quite unpretentious and does not require frequent watering and special location. Will feel good in any corner of the house.
By the way, according to Feng Shui, this flower is able to absorb negative thoughts and energy. And also, it is recommended to put in the room of pupils and students. It is believed that the plant helps to achieve academic success.


The birthplace of this flower – Madagascar. Kalanchoe is more suitable for rooms with dry air, because it will help to increase the humidity in them. Water it copiously, but a lot light a plant requires. By the way, people think Kalanchoe medicinal plant. It is used in different kind of diseases and are often used to treat inflammation and sores.
It is also believed that Kalanchoe helps to protect your home, removing traces of negative energy.

Anna Zalesskaya

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