5 guidelines for the care of hands and nails in winter

January 21, 2017

Take care of hands and nails must be constantly, and especially in winter, when wind and cold dry hands

  • Use hand cream daily. Massage in a cuticle cream which has vitamins E, A, D. Thus, you will improve the blood circulation, which will favorably affect the growth of nails and soften cuticles.
  • Make a manicure at least 1 time in 2 weeks. To forget about the burrs and tears, to remove the cuticle, use tweezers and a special softening agent. Such products gently and safely remove the cuticle, leaving it smooth and healthy. Then gently move her orange stick. After be sure to apply emollient oil or remedy to moisturize and nourish the cuticle.
  • Do not forget the professional products, if you have problems with the nail plate: delamination, breakage, dryness, ridging. etc. They will help quickly and effectively restore nail.
  • Include in your care highly money. Line care Avoplex, OPI contains a complex based on avocado oil avocado lipid complex. It is rich in unsaturated amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, phospholipids and has full bishopston with the skin. To prevent the peeling of the skin, clean it from dead cells with the help of updated scrub of the same line (in its composition sugar, grape seed oil, Shea oil), and then apply a nourishing cream. As a result, the skin will become smooth and velvety.
  • Make sure that your diet was attended by foods rich in vitamins and minerals (cheese, eggs, seafood, buckwheat, spinach, carrots) they will contribute to the growth and health of nails.

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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