5 exercises that will make your hands perfect

January 12, 2017

No waist do not save, if arms look flabby. Meanwhile, to achieve an elegant, raised hands, even easier than you think!

For these exercises You’ll need small dumbbells, barbell, and low support, for example a chair.

1. Reverse pushups

Target muscle — the triceps, additionally working the front deltoid and upper pectoral muscles.


Starting position — take the emphasis back on the bench(a chair), placing palms on edge with fingers forward grip at shoulder width. Legs straight or slightly bent at the knee joints, feet — heels, toes lifted up. The back is straight.

Execution: inhale, bending your elbows to a right angle, lower your pelvis down. Forearm throughout the movement should be perpendicular to the floor, the direction of motion of the elbow remains constant. On the exhalation, a powerful effort push yourself back to starting position, fully straightening your elbow joint. Push UPS from the bench are solely due to the reduction of the triceps.

2. Flexion of the forearm

The target muscle in this exercise is the biceps brachii.


Starting position — body straight, hands down, back straight.

At the same time, on the inhale bend the arms, raising the dumbbells up to the middle of the upper part of your chest, turning your palms to face forward. On the inhale to return to starting position.

The elbow joints hold in one point, avoid sway in the lumbar spine.

3.Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the hands

Quite a challenging exercise, so You can choose the easier option push-UPS from knees.

Target muscle — the triceps, but additionally included in the work of CORE muscles, back and legs.


Take the position of “plank on hands”, placing the palm on the width of the shoulder joints.

On the inhale, holding the horizontal position of the body, bend the elbow joints, hands tightly pressed to the body. Exhale, straightening your elbows, return to starting position.

4. The diversion of arms back in the slope

Target muscle — the triceps.


Take dumbbells in hands, palms facing inward, toward the body. The back is straight. Knees slightly bent. Lean forward, bending at the waist. The upper torso should be almost parallel to the floor. The head is raised up, look forward. Part of the arm from shoulder to elbow near the body, parallel to the floor. Arms bent at right angles at the elbows. Forearms perpendicular to the floor. This is the starting position.

Holding part of the arm from shoulder to elbow motionless, on the exhale, straining the triceps, straighten your arms. The movement does only forearm.

After a short pause on inhale, slowly lower arms to starting position.

Variations: you can perform this exercise with each hand alternately, resting your free hand on your hip.

5. Flexion of the shoulder reverse grip

Target muscle — the biceps brachii.


Starting position — body straight, back straight, look forward.
The palm holding the barbell (or dumbbells), directed to the body.

On the exhale, bend your arms at the elbow, lifting the barbell (dumbbells) to mid-upper chest. The elbow joints hold at one point without lifting them up. On the inhale return to starting position.

Repeat each exercise at least 15 times in circular training, or use as a Supplement to their program.
Pick the weight burdening either embodiment so that the last repetition was forced to feel the burning sensation in working muscle, however, allowed to finish coming up with the right equipment.
Perform these exercises regularly, and the result will not keep itself waiting long!

Thank you for helping with filming fitness center 100%

Photographer: Pavel Kiselev

Coach: Marakulina Alexander, presenter of international and Russian conventions, the instructor group programs, personal trainer Fitness center 100% Fitness.


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