40-year-old Ekaterina Guseva boasted the no makeup

August 5, 2016

The actress showed photos without makeup, proving once again that, despite her age, she looks young and fresh.

Star of the TV series “Brigade” Ekaterina Guseva rarely indulges fans with his candid shots and not showing the public family. However, on 9 July, the actress turned 40 and in honor of this event she decided to share with subscribers moments from his personal life.

So, the actress has published a photo with the rest of the sea, which it captured in a sexy bikini that accentuates her trim and slender figure. Despite the fact that the body of 40-year-old celebrity looks very sporty, it is all the interview notes that do not bother to exercise. According to her, to keep this shape, it helps positive thinking and a daily good night’s sleep.

And recently, Gusev proved that does not suffer from complexes, typical of most celebrities who are afraid to go out without styling and makeup. The artist showed the pictures without makeup. Followers of Catherine was delighted, because 40-year-old celebrity looks so fresh and young. “Just wonderful! You are very beautiful!”, “You are my standard of female beauty!!!”, “Everyone would look like this in 40 years,” wrote the admiring fans.

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