40 reasons to rejoice that you were born a woman

July 28, 2016

Men rule the world? Ha! We found 40 reasons to say that being a woman is much better!

  1. Men live on average 6 years less than women.

  2. You can wear anything and call it “style”, while men are limited to a very poor set of pants and shirts.

  3. When you like a man, no body gives your feelings SO clearly.

  4. You don’t need to understand the makes of cars and know all sorts of arcane computer word, to feel confident in any company.

  5. You give up your seat.

  6. The army is not your topic!

  7. You are in his arms: at first, mom and dad, and then men. A three year old boy said — you’re a big, well, go ahead.

  8. You do less talking about independence.

  9. In men’s clothes (especially the shirt), you look sexy man in your clothes looks like a transvestite.

  10. Height: 155 cm no problem, and dignity!

  11. And height 185, too.

  12. You don’t need to be able to repair the car. Broke down on the highway exit and stand near the car. 5 minutes and salvation.

  13. Writers around the world have created for us is much more works because we love melodrama.

  14. The same applies to cinema.

  15. If you are crying, you comforted and not look away, as if something indecent.

  16. Work for you a fantastically huge number of designers, makeup artists, perfumers, producers of accessories and cosmetics.

  17. This gives you thousand ways to improve the appearance!

  18. You don’t need to shave every day. At least, to shave the face. Everything else you can not shave and no one will know.

  19. With the same level of alcohol content in the blood of a man three times faster loses orientation than a woman.

  20. You give flowers and jewelry.

  21. You can do several things at once. Men cope with multi-tasking in the worst times.

  22. From you nobody waits achievements and the salvation of the world.

  23. You do not need to be physically strong to be able to stand up for themselves or to protect someone.

  24. If you are afraid — you run away and hide, and no one blames you.

  25. You can easily carry ailments and not die at a temperature of 37.

  26. You can change hair color and hairstyle at least once a week, and no one thinks it strange.

  27. The departments with women’s clothing in any store in two to three times more male, so you have more choice!

  28. About shoes and say nothing.

  29. And then there are handbags!!!

  30. You can bear children.

  31. You find it easier to ask for help, so you are more likely to get it.

  32. Your orgasm can last up to several minutes!

  33. You a lot is forgiven simply for the plaintive facial expression.

  34. You have a better memory and you are more attentive to detail.

  35. You are much less likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

  36. You have a better developed intuition.

  37. Even if you refuse to have sex, no one will call you impotent.

  38. You can choose for the wedding the most awesome dress in the world, and not a boring suit.

  39. And in General, in terms of the range elegant and festive clothes, you have no equal!

  40. If you go to the beach Topless, all men are yours! And they are ALL on the beach Topless and nothing. Source: cosmo.ru.

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