4-year-old daughter of beyoncé conquered the MTVMusic Awards

August 29, 2016

The singer became the winner of MTV Music Awards, scooping statuettes in 8 categories, however, no less attention was focused on the daughter star, who accompanied her at the ceremony.

Beyonce has become one of the main stars, the last MTV Video Music Awards. RNB diva has received 11 nominations, among which has received 8 awards, including one of the most prestigious nominations “the Best video”.

However, 4-year-old daughter of beyoncé, who accompanied her at the event, almost eclipsed by the star mother. Blue ivy was with the singer on the red more in Mischka Aoki dress similar to the dresses of the disney princesses. By becoming famous mother, the girl complements your look sophisticated styling, bright nail Polish and a tiara, encrusted with stones.

The girl kept quite confidently, posing with mom photographers, but to the hustle and bustle of stellar events, apparently not used and kept closed ears hands and frowned. At some point in the ceremony, Beyonce took pity daughter and left her in the dressing room to give the opportunity to stay in a quiet environment. However, given the fact that it was the debut of the little blue ivy to an event of that scale, we can safely assume that next year she will boldly Shine on the red carpet.

Photo: @beyonce

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