32 useful budget news from the Fixed price list

January 31, 2017

Good goods from 25 to 99 rubles for storage, care of clothing, the summer season and just for yourself in our collection.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you can please themselves or a loved one practical notebook in thick cover.

Boxes for packing gifts and storing small things, such as needles and threads, cheap and very cute.

Stylish pots for indoor plants enliven the interior of any kitchen – for 77 rubles.

After the guests left a lot of washed dishes? Let the excess water will flow down a special Mat, and you can remove sets until after the holidays.

Just a cutting Board for cutting foods, on the other hand without a pattern. Easy and convenient.

A very handy cutting Board made of glass. Ideal for slicing fish, raw meat, anything fat – quickly wash off completely.

Rags and microfibre cloth – very easy to use, wiped, threw out and got a new one. There are coils. The main thing is to throw as soon as starting to not like the smell – wash them useless.

Compact Turk for brewing coffee, you can use to heat small amount of oil or even fry one egg for Breakfast.

Frying pan for a hundred rubles – at the time for culinary experiments, and soon the Carnival.

Such tongs are convenient to get something out of the boiling water, the same pasta, if the pan is heavy, and also to impose the salad leaves.

The two-litre boxes sold out at the moment – they are solidly made and extremely convenient for the storage of any household things. They’re also perfectly placed nail polishes and other nail accessories, and dense cover will not allow the odors to spread through the house.

This rag gets almost any MOP collects dirt very well and easy to wash.

The joy of the cottager – seeds!

And many pots for seedlings at a very attractive price – 25 rubles.

Sticks for manicure, 30 PCs for 50 rubles – the best price.

Sneakers are 99 R. and unlikely to last very long, but with tons of guests. And they are light.

Cups for children’s parties and creativity.

Tired of lacing shoes? There is a way! Well made, nice to hold in hands.

Foot for a Shoe of metal. Quite heavy, but not bend down immediately and will last a long time.

Carpet hallway for 55 rubles. Don’t throw a pity, if very dirty.

A huge range of cheap hangers in all colors and shapes. On average, three pieces for 55 rubles.

Bags for clothes from lint-free cloth – convenient storage for coats and suits. And vacuum bags will help to save space in the closet when the season will end down jackets. And are cheap!

Waterproof spray for shoes. What sort of designer boots she may not be worth processing, but the country sure will be used!

An unexpected product, but the farm will fit for sure. For example, go to school to the child – teachers will say thank you, that did not cause the mud to class.

Children and coloring and toys – is on the road, will delight the house.

Oh, these slim balls! One can’t fool the second break, but at least take time. And the pump kit, which separately are not cheap.

Fashion craze in just 77 rubles, and diary. Great combination! Maria Nikitina

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