31 last-minute gifts to get from Target’s grocery aisle that are a real treat

December 13, 2017

One of the most overwhelming parts of holiday shopping is rushing to the mall and hitting up all of the different stores. Sometimes it can feel like one big financially draining scavenger hunt, rather than a simple shopping trip. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of gifts you can find in Target’s grocery aisle that won’t force you to run around like a headless chicken.

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One of the most overwhelming parts of holiday shopping is rushing to the mall and hitting up all of the different stores. Sometimes it can feel like one big financially draining scavenger hunt, rather than a simple shopping trip. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of gifts you can find in Target’s grocery aisle that won’t force you to run around like a headless chicken.
Whether your shopping list is full of chronic snackers, high falutin picky eaters, or avid Bordeaux glass-tipping wine lovers, Target’s grocery section is fully stocked up with the goods.
There are so many quality gifts on the Target grocery shelves we decided to make a handy list for you!
1Toblerone Bars (12 ct), $29.99
Courtesy of TargetA 12-pack of Toblerone says: I love you, I see you, and I know what you need this snacking season.
2San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water (6pk), $5.99
Courtesy of TargetSparkling water is always a go-to, but it’s particularly trendy right now. This is an especially sweet gift for anyone who is sober in your life but likes to sip on something fizzy at the parties.
3BelVita Gingerbread Breakfast Biscuits, $2.99
Courtesy of TargetIs there anything cuter than a box full of gingerbread-flavored breakfast biscuits?! This is adorable AND festive.
4Nabisco Triscuit Limited Edition Nutmeg & Cinnamon Crackers, $2
Courtesy of TargetWe all have a Triscuit-head in our life, and we have a feeling any true Triscuit-head will be deeply curious about how the limited-edition holiday nutmeg and cinnamon bad boys taste.
5Simply Balanced Dark Chocolate and Banana Chips, $4.99
Courtesy of TargetBanana chips are a deeply divisive and controversial snack, which is what makes them SO dang good. Chocolate is far less controversial flavor-wise, but it pairs well with banana and makes for a complete power snack.
6Christmas Peppermint Bark Tin, $9
Courtesy of TargetWhite chocolate peppermint bark is the food of angels, and this cute festive tin makes it a lovely gift for the sweet-toothed snacker in your life.
7Christmas Hot Cocoa Kit, $9
Courtesy of TargetThis kit does NOT mess around when it comes to cocoa preparations, there’s cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, crushed peppermint, and delicious chocolate balls to make sure your cocoa is the most real in the land.
8Christmas Donut Kit Gift Set, $9
Courtesy of TargetYou don’t have to be Homer Simpson to appreciate the beauty of a gift set that includes donut mix, glaze, sprinkles, and cinnamon sugar mix.
9Wondershop Christmas Multipack Bars, $8.55
Courtesy of TargetIs there any trinity holier than dark chocolate Himalayan sea salt, pomegranate dark chocolate, and hazelnut milk chocolate bars?! Probably not.
10Wondershop Christmas Assorted Gourmet Chocolate Squares, $4.75
Courtesy of TargetThis includes 12 baby squares of dark chocolate Himalayan sea salt, valerian orange milk chocolate, and marble white and dark chocolate. This is a fire stocking stuffer.
11Ghirardelli Christmas Elegant Collection Assorted Squares Gift, $9
Courtesy of TargetThis festive value pack has all the heavy hitters with peppermint chocolate goodness, classic milk chocolate, and dark chocolate squares for you to munch on.
12Christmas Peppermint Cocoa Mix, $4.74
Courtesy of TargetHow is Santa supposed to keep you on his nice list if you don’t have a tin full of delicious peppermint cocoa?!
13Wondershop Christmas Bottle Hanger Box, $4.75
Courtesy of TargetThis box of gourmet truffles is cleverly designed to be hung upon and paired with a bottle of wine, and we will happily oblige.
14Christmas Heat Challenge Hot Sauce, $14.24
Courtesy of TargetThis pack includes hot sauces from level 1-10 and includes a jalapeno, chipotle, cayenne, garlic, sriracha, teriyaki, mango, habanero, Tabasco, and ghost peppers, to ensure no meal goes flavorless.
15Christmas Candy Land Chocolate Edition, $9.49
Courtesy of TargetIf you’ve ever daydreamed of playing Candyland with actual candy, then this 33-piece edible Candyland game is a dream come true.
16Christmas Craft Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set, $4.74
Courtesy of TargetIf you like some spice in your liquor or some liquor flavor in your spice, then this trio of smoky bourbon, habanero whiskey, and craft tequila hot sauce will light your fire.
17Christmas Salted Caramel Cocoa Mix, $4.74
18Christmas Monopoly Chocolate Edition, $9.49
Courtesy of TargetThis edible Monopoly set is made with Belgian milk chocolate and will make it possible for you to literally eat the rich.
19Christmas Salts of the World, $7.59
Courtesy of TargetThe gift of gourmet salt is the one that keeps on giving. This fancy pack includes a Sicily Trapani, pink Himalayan, Sel Gris grey, Mayan sun, pacific blue flake, and Peruvian pink salt.
20Christmas Grilling Sauce Collection, $9
Courtesy of TargetThe barbeque lover in your family will swoon at this trio of flavorful sauces.
21O! Christmas Tree Cookie Mix Baking Bar-Mason Jar Cookie Co, $10.99
Courtesy of TargetFirst of all, the packaging is adorable and you can reuse the mason jar forever. Second of all, the white chocolate chip cookie dough mix is a killer gift that will bless all who feast upon its goodness.
22Christmas Bloody Mary Gift Set, $14.24
Courtesy of TargetThere are few bonding tactics better than a late morning bloody mary with a friend (or family member), and this set gives you all the goods you need to make one. You’ve got the bloody mary mix, onion and bacon-flavored hot sauce, dill pickles and even some premium riming salt.
23Christmas Six Pack Wing Sauce Collection Gift Set, $12.34
Courtesy of TargetWhether your shopping for your mom, dad, or that weird cousin you’ve met twice, this six-pack of wing sauce will spice up their kitchen for the full year to come with flavors like mango habanero, spicy jalapeno, and zesty marinade.
24Melamine Christmas Movie Bowl, $18.99
Courtesy of TargetThis is the ultimate gift for any film buff in your life. They can use this movie snack pack to impress a date, throw a DIY movie night, or just feel extra prepared for their next solo movie time.
25Brownie Mix Baking Bar-Mason Jar Cookie Co., $10.99
Courtesy of TargetThis is the cutest accouterment for any upcoming baking parties. The brownie mix is topped with white, dark, and semi-sweet chocolate chips so the whole room will swoon the next time your loved one makes a warm batch of brownies.
26Christmas Winter Tea Time Gift Set, $18.99
Courtesy of TargetThis adorable tea set includes jasmine, berry hibiscus, and peppermint tea as well as a carrying thermos and journal with A PERFECT LLAMA that will absorb all of your feelings. Honestly, a great gift for us all.
27Christmas Dipping Oil Gift Set, $9
Courtesy of TargetUnless you’re gluten intolerant (in which case we are sending genuine condolences), there are few among us who enjoy dipping a good bread in some oil. So, your mom, BFF, partner, really anyone will appreciate this set, which includes a dinner roll mix, olive oil, and garlic herb seasoning to make the bread’s flavor pop.
28Ginger Bread Cookie Mix Baking Bars-Mason Jar Cookie Co., $10.99
Courtesy of TargetMaking, building, and consuming gingerbread people (and houses) is a true art and an emotional experience at that. This reusable mason jar includes a spiced gingerbread cookie base, as well as minty gingerbread man sprinkles (WHATTTT) and white chocolate chips, so like, who’s going to argue with that?!
29Christmas Burger Press Gift Set, $12.34
Courtesy of TargetPerfect for the carnivore in your life.
30Christmas Bar Essentials Assorted Cocktail Mixes, $14.24
Courtesy of TargetThis bad boy is ideal for the cocktail-sipping Lucille Bluthe of your family.< It includes a cranberry champagne, Moscow mule, red sangria, margarita, spiked holiday punch, Mexican mule, old-fashioned, whiskey sour, smoked honey, and strawberry margarita mix. Yes, please.
31California Roots Chardonnay White Wine, $5 in store
TargetPerfect for the wine aficionado on your list.
If nothing else, we hope this shopping list helps you realize you don’t have to run around to 8000 stores this season!

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