3 fun ways to occupy children on holiday

December 14, 2016

While adults communicate, let the children have fun! Take advantage of our ideas and some time the children stop to bother you.

What to do in the new year holidays


Or rather fishing. How fun to take the kids? Prepare small gifts and presents (books, crayons, puzzles, books and coloring pages – the choice depends on the age of the children). Their intricate wrap and fold into one big bag. Children have to pull them out of the bag. Most of this fishing rod. Let the task will be difficult, but not impossible!


Today is extremely popular at parties posing with a mustache (sponges and points) on a stick. Ask your child to arrange a similar fototeatr! Prepare props for fun photo shoot – buy or make yourself (you’ll need: templates from the Internet, thick paper, matching colors, with long sticks for canapés and glue). Give children a digital camera and let them lead the process. Believe me, later these frames will be a bright addition family photo archive. In addition, this is a great way to take a child. Ideas for children’s parties.


What else can you do with the child? Announce the rules of the game: do the opposite. Children will have to change your clothes on backwards or inside out. Else to write on the badge opposite their names (Olga – Yalo), instead of “Hello!” to say “Bye!”. Print them short quatrains, let them try to read them from right to left. Sandwiches, too, can make the rules. And so on. Children will develop the theme. Promise, the hour or two they will be very passionate about the game.

Maria Vasilyeva

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