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August 11, 2016

In the summer ill go multi-layered novels on difficult topics. The brain requires dynamics, the hectic story, games of clue, colorful characters and mysteries of human nature. Better than detectives, anything you can imagine. In addition, they are wonderful to read on vacation, when suddenly someone in it still did not go.

Book service ReadRate found three of the freshest innovations in the detective genre. Surprisingly, the book – as the selection was psychological detectives. That is, you will not only marvel at the ingenuity of the authors who managed to fully hold in suspense, but also learn a lot about how bizarre human brain and what offense it is capable to keep for many years.

Writer and dancer


From the pen of the writer Oleg Roy released a new novel that is hard to enroll in one genre. “The writer and the dancer”, on the one hand, pure detective. All wonderfully written main character, the writer, Marc Weinstein, happens in real life. And because he is author of detective stories, mostly true murder. Who’s behind it and why makes? Mystery. On the other hand, the main charm of a new book by Roy – skillful descriptions of two creative professions, writing and ballet. In the smallest details tells Roy about the throes of creativity, obsession plots and roles. A subtle psychologist, the writer examines the book features of the internal organization of creative people. And, as usual, we are waiting for the thin story of love, resentment and betrayal.

There was a month of fog

Matthew Arlidge

Matthew Arlidge, producer of the famous British TV series “Mistresses”, I decided to try a new detective genre. Sample managed so that the rights to translation of books about investigator Helen grace, sold to 30 countries and force their motives already takes the series. His debut book, “there was a month of fog, on the verge of psychological Thriller and action-detective. Every week on the Desk of detective Helen is a summary of an unusual murder. The scenario of all crimes is the same: an unknown maniac lured two victims to an isolated place, bars without food and water, leaving the floor a pistol with one bullet. The selection is small, or both are dying from hunger and thirst, or kill each other and saved himself. What terrible goals unknown? Does, that the survivors suffered all his life? This is to calculate Helen.

The victim’s diary

Claire Kendal

British woman Claire Kendal for a long time and taught students literature and conducted courses creative writing. And then I wrote a debut novel that became a revelation to colleagues in the writers ‘ workshop. To fathom the depths of human psychology, many go years and not one book, but Kendall did it first time. Based on the story of the painful obsession of others, she launched a stunning depth story about what trouble for us can turn into someone else’s love and attention. The book confirms the famous saying about where the road paved with other people’s good intentions.

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