3 books, which in 2017 will be a great series

January 26, 2017

TV shows have become our most popular leisure. Of course, it’s so convenient! Came home after a busy day, put in the kitchen tablet with a new series of favorite TV series, and looked it up in the process of cooking dinner. Two in one: pleasure and benefit.

Book service ReadRate posherstiv studios plans to 2017 year and found three of the series, which will soon be released. I wonder what shot they are very good books that can be read before the first series.

Big little lies
Liane Moriarty

At the end of February the car will be released mini-series the book of Australian Liana Moriarty “Big little lies”. Who desperately missed Bridget Jones, “Sex and the city” and especially on “Desperate Housewives”, this is your option. “Big little lies” is a book that actually represent a mother and homemaker. Three heroines of this book are completely different: confident in himself, rich in beauty and mother of three children; a downtrodden single mother and one in all respects average heroine. They accidentally make friends in the school yard, and then it will appear that connects them not only mutual sympathy. This almost detective story starred Nicole Kidman and Reese Winterspoon.

The handmaid’s tale
Margaret Atwood

At the end of April of this year, expect a mini-series on a very difficult book, “the handmaid’s Tale” Margaret Atwood. This book is a dystopia, which hyperbolicity sore spots of modern society. In a non-existent world, the state of Gilead, the commanders and their barren wives appear slaves who have no name, no private life. They feature machines that produce children. These disenfranchised mothers are afraid that their children will grow up and accept this one-sided, devoid of common sense world as the only possible norm. They have selected not only life and entertainment, but also the opportunity just to love.

The call of the cuckoo
Robert Galbraith

When JK Rowling was tired of Harry Potter, she took the pseudonym “Robert Galbraith” and started to write action-Packed detective stories of brutal detective Cormorani Strike fragile and his assistant Robin. At the end of this year, finally, will show the film adaptation, which many had been waiting for. In this connection, reread (or read for the first time) the first part of a series, the novel “the cuckoo’s Calling”. It is a strong English detective, which captures from the first page. Killed by the infamous top model, and the public prefers to record this case as a suicide. For obviously hopeless cause is taken cormoran Strike, and he will do everything that the real killer was behind bars.

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