3 anti-aging treatments with immediate effect

January 18, 2017

Want to look good during the holidays? Try one of these procedures, the changes are almost instantaneous.

3 anti-aging treatments with immediate effect

Fractional thermolysis

Essence: During the procedure, a thin laser beam produces a micro-perforation, and then exposed by the laser begins to produce new cells of collagen and elastin.

Results: smoothes wrinkles, eliminates skin pigmentation, gives the skin a glossy look and, like an eraser erases the marks after acne. The effect is growing within 2-3 weeks after the first treatment.

How is: under local anesthesia, takes 20-30 minutes, a sensation comparable to a burning sensation and tingling.

The rehabilitation period: the first day after the procedure the skin is red, if you burn in the sun. 2-3 days takes on a tan hue, uneven only. On the fourth day it starts flaking. From the sixth day, the skin usually takes a smooth and beautiful look.

Course: 3-5 procedures with an interval of 20-30 days.


The essence: skin luminous flux of high intensity. During the procedure uses light waves of different lengths. This allows you to influence the different layers and types of skin.

Results: the procedure removes pigment spots and spider veins, acne, enlarged pores and rosacea, rejuvenates and provides lifting.

How does: takes 10-15 minutes and requires no anesthesia. Causes a feeling comparable to thermal effects.

The rehabilitation period: immediately after the treatment the face is red, but the redness goes away after half an hour. In places pigmentation the skin may darken, it will pass within 5-6 days.

Course: 4 treatments at intervals of a month.

RF-lifting (all-season)

Essence: Impact of radio waves has a thermic effect, heating up the dermis to 45C. The result of this heat is the activation function of fibroblasts, increased production of collagen and elastin fibers.

Results: the procedure tightens the skin in the cheeks and cheeks, reduce the nasolabial folds, forms a clear outline of the face and significantly enhances the skin tone. The effect is manifested within 2 – 4 weeks and increases during the 6 months.

How doesrunning for 20 minutes, the process feels a comfortable warmth on the skin.

The rehabilitation period: a slight redness from the warmth of the nozzle passes after half an hour. This procedure can easily be done at lunchtime and before important events.

Course: 6-8 treatments at intervals of 1 week.

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