25 most disappointing online purchases

July 1, 2016

These people took an oath to continue to order something online. Why? Yes you do look.

  • Promised a mug with a picture emerges

  • Bought triple tent

  • Carpet discount does not happen

  • School backpack for a first grader

  • Stylish long jeans

  • The topic, which is small even the cat

  • Elegant dress

  • Once again buy fitting?!

  • Bear forgot to fill

  • What is this?

  • “The blanket for a large dog

  • Look, this white dress

  • Right now for the wedding

  • Well, the chair they sent

  • Elegant cuts

  • Stylish vest

  • Costume Princess Leia or ghosts?

  • How cute

  • How touching

  • What a dense fabric

  • Loose fit

  • Bought the dress, sent the t-shirt?

  • Wear that gave

  • Fence for dogs

  • Stylish men’s belt, yeah

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