20 things to throw away right now and then not regret it

July 1, 2016

Tired of the clutter and unnecessary things? Together with the TV channel Fox Life we have prepared a list of things you definitely do not need. And it is not necessary to wait until the new year, spring or repair! Start now!


They take up almost no space in the wardrobe and so comfortable? No, they are too thin and the time warp cloth. Clothing from them only spoil.

Makeup that has expired or you do not fit

All the time you regret those green shadows that got you girlfriend on March 8? You never they not painted? So, believe me, will be able to do without them in the future. Besides, all cosmetics has a shelf life, most often 3 years. If the term has expired, to use it is also harmful. So now dismiss all that lies in the bathroom a long time ago.

No longer fashionable jewelry

Do you think the day will come when you will buy a new dress and it somehow magically is ideal for those beads made of shells, bought at the resort n-nnoe number of years ago? Will not come. If you don’t wear it now, it means you just don’t like, and bad jewelry is not worth to cherish.

Stacks of magazines

Rid your apartment of unnecessary kilos, literally. And dust, too. It is not necessary to entertain the hope that somehow in the evening you curl up in a chair, open a magazine and flip through the pages. It will never happen. You’re sitting at your computer?


Absolutely everyone has socks that have lost their mates. It was two months ago? So do not ever find. All that was in the linen basket for dirty Laundry — did a load for a long time already. I wonder where they disappear? And, by the way, all the socks with holes and tights arrow does not deserve a place in the Cabinet. Do not regret about this loss.

Remains of paint and other materials

They remained after the repair or your creative impulses when you wanted to repaint the Cabinet or the legs of the old chair? The chances are that the old finishing materials ever more useful, as minimum. Besides the color and the paint is changed and the glue and plaster — set.

Old underwear

Stretched panties and bras already don’t accentuate your hips and chest. The approximate life of the underwear — 2-2,5 years, not more. And no excuses: I can wear them only at home or when out walking the dog.


The shelf life of spices — a little over a year. They gradually lose their flavour, exhausted, pale. If you notice that not so often use any seasoning, not buy it in the future, or at least not in such numbers.

Old appliances

You haven’t got rid of the VCR and video cassettes, pirated DVDs, old monitor or antediluvian mobile phone? Maybe you want to take them to the thrift shop? If not, then what are you waiting for?

Toothbrushes and washcloths

Yes, they must sometimes be changed. Toothbrush every three months, and a washcloth at least once in six months. Otherwise, these items accumulate bacteria, they become not only useless but harmful for your health.

… and sponge for washing dishes

Well, at least once a month, but preferably more often. Once a week the sponge is to decontaminate. This can be done by placing it in a microwave with baking soda.

Towels (and kitchen too)

Their lifespan is a maximum of two years. After that, take new, especially if you used a towel often. In your closet for sure there are spare towels that have long been waiting in the wings. By the way, many animal shelters gladly accept old towels that serve as bedding.


Imagine that every day for 8 hours your head and face touch the pillow. Now think how much in all that time it has accumulated bacteria? How good pillow supports your neck, what do you think? If the time has come to discard it, do not regret. It’s not a waste, and taking care of their own health and well-being. For the record, experts recommend changing your pillow every two years.


Well, if they didn’t, we hope you get rid of them, not sparing. And then there are those that your child does not like and does not play never. Why keep it? Dispose of safely. Baby Oh won’t even remember. If you throw not raise a hand, give it to someone who would like them, or just take on the Playground in the nearest yard.

Old light bulbs and batteries

Why you kept them so far, they are completely useless. In many entrances, there are now boxes for old batteries.


You’ve checked your kit? We are sure that at least a third of your medicines are already expired. Look at the date on the package and get rid of what is already impossible to accept.

Old canned food

I think you can store them for decades? Misconception. Most — no more than 2 years. So check the dates on the jars.

Food containers

I bought a set of plastic boxes and use only two objects out of 10, because they are all almost the same? Give extra to friends, and if anyone will not need to throw away. And best not to buy further sets. There’s always unnecessary things.

Leftovers that are more than 5 days


Finally, everything you don’t like

If you don’t like some thing, it is not a road you never use them with her, there are no memories — no need to keep it. Failed gifts and Souvenirs, you inappropriate clothing and shoes, perfume that you do not pleasant, the dishes, of which no one ever ate, a technique that was never used. In short, everything that gives you no joy, should not be located in the house. Things should be happy!

Photo: fotoimedia, Fotodom.

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