19-year-old daughter of Joseph Prigogine will sue the father to get child support from him

August 9, 2016

The daughter of the producer said that father cut her out of your life. In this regard, the girl, being deaf, he decided to get his alimony through the courts.

The 19-year-old Danae and her father, producer Joseph Prigogine, always had a strained relationship. The girl regularly talks to journalists as cruel and rude with it costs his dad. This reaction celebrity, according to his successor caused by her desire for fame. To get their portion of fame Danae tried to build a love for the TV project “Dom-2”, which was Prigogine terrible tragedy.

Despite the fact that the daughter of a producer left the show in a few days, my father could not forgive her for this action. “He called me almost every day. Said that the family has its black sheep. Demanded that I changed my name, what I’ll do. Most likely, I will volkovoy as a grandmother. I don’t understand why I can’t dream about fame? He can’t help me as a producer? After all, Anna, the daughter of Valerie, he arranged for a music channel. What have I done? Feel like I’m a stranger for him. I already asked the lawyer for help. I’m hearing impaired, are entitled to financial assistance from his side. If he does not show initiative, I’ll figure it out in court”, – quotes leased “StarHit”.

Joseph did not remain silent and commented on the situation. According to him, he always did everything to ensure that his eldest daughter was happy and successful. But, he said, she prefers to do first, and only then to think. “Dana is a child with an unbalanced psyche. She first does, then thinks and apologizes. I see that it tends to empty popularity. We have a huge number of people who want to become stars. Only talent is not. I was Arseny, because it is, in my opinion, a brilliant musician. Anya graduated from Pike, she is a professional actress. And Dana still learning! I will not produce because I don’t see potential. I understand that when parents get divorced, there is a deficiency of attention. Well, come, live close by, no one stops. A month ago, I suggested to her to rest but she went to my mother in Stavropol. I don’t know what to complain about? Housing in Moscow she has, money I’ve always helped. Hopefully soon it will cool down and we’ll talk”, – said the “StarHit” Prigogine.

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