18-year-old daughter of the late Sergei Bodrov concealed kinship with him to enroll in drama school

August 12, 2016

The daughter of iconic Director and actor, deliberately concealed a relationship with him, honestly to go to drama COLLEGE. The heir of the deceased artist had managed to conquer the Commission, and it gained the highest passing grade.

Grown up the daughter of iconic Director and actor Sergei Bodrov Jr. Olga Bodrova decided to follow in the footsteps of his father. 18-year-old girl realized the dream of the late Pope, who always wanted to do cinematography, but because of the persuasion of the parents changed their mind. But as it turned out, she hid her relationship with the famous actor, to avoid patronage.

Olga filed documents at the budget office. On her specialty “Actor drama theater and cinema” we only have 12 places, of which only four for girls. Competition of almost 1000 people! And she never indicated who she was. There is a rule: when an applicant stands before the Commission, he calls the surname, name and patronymic. Now, she even a middle name did not say,” – said the teacher, Artem Petrov.

The truth about Olga’s father has revealed the process of filling out the questionnaire when one of the professors directly asked her whether she is daughter of the famous Director. “One wizard asked in a forehead: “You a daughter?” She, embarrassed, answered: “Yes”,” – said Petrov edition “StarHit”. Contrary to popular belief that the children of talented people nature rests, Olga was not only modest, but also very talented girl – she scored the highest score for admission. “When it took on “the budget”, she asked the teachers: “It’s definitely not because of my father? Don’t do me discount, I want to make myself,” he shared with the press, the applicant Cinematography Oleg.

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