18 men advise women how to improve relationships

August 4, 2016

Over the years, our magazine gave a lot of advice to his readers, mostly readers. And now we decided to listen to that advise regular guys. As, in their opinion, you can improve your relationship? That’s what they told us.

  1. Don’t be upset if he didn’t answer to your message. Sometimes we’re just busy or don’t want to appear henpecked husbands who rush to fulfill your every request in the same second. I usually respond to my texts, when I go on the subway home and I have a lot of time to do it”. — A.
  2. Please take the compliments. It’s so frustrating when you tell a girl something nice, and she starts to object. — T.

  3. What would you say, understand that a man and a woman can really be “just friends”. Women sometimes get jealous for no reason. Some people think that Platonic relationships with the other girls just don’t exist, that it is only a matter of time before something happens. It is important that they know that this relationship is, and do not go crazy for no reason.” — K.

  4. Sometimes we just need time to sit with the men. If you are not called, it does not mean that you have a reason to be upset or jealous. I know that the time I spent without my girlfriend makes me even more appreciate the time we spend together.” — B.

  5. Not primalite their strengths. If you are good and talented — don’t hesitate to show it. We all love to be around people that are, it is a very attractive trait”. — D.

  6. I was terribly off-putting when a girl starts to pretend like she likes the same as me. Do you like “Gorillaz”? Strangely, I like “Gorillaz”. Come on, remind me, what’s the name of their bassist? Who you are and what you personally are interested in? If we do not get together, let’s just laugh about it. But if we will not find common points and nothing happens — well, that’s okay.” — M.

  7. It’s so cool when a girl takes initiative in bed. Of course, sex is not a bargaining, you don’t have to get as much as they give. I usually make 80 percent of the work and take 80 percent of the initiative in the bedroom. But it’s so refreshing when it seems that you are laid out equally. — G.

  8. If you want to do something nice for my man — make, but don’t expect it sure you immediately something repay. Yes, we do not always meet mutual service, and do not be angry, otherwise, not so selflessly, you sewed that button”. — T.

  9. If you complain to the man, he immediately begins to think about how to solve the problem. Men don’t whine only to be regretted, we seek solutions. If all you wanted was to listen to you, inform us immediately, then to not be offended by what you suggest, what to do, instead of just sympathize”. — B.

  10. Don’t talk about your ex, his loneliness, and his insecurity, if only the guy himself has not raised this topic.” — T.

  11. Support our self-image. It is known that men often think that know everything and can, even if it is not. It’s in our blood. Sometimes you just let us set up a tent sikos-nakos or three hours to kill on oil changes. So we’re trying to impress you and show that we care about you. Let a man be a man, even if we do nothing.” — S.

  12. I may be old fashioned but I’ve always loved tastefully dressed women. Many now dress up, just something to wear, but I always appreciate when clothing emphasizes the individuality of women. It’s very sexy”. — A.

  13. You and your other half — not the last people that you will ever experience attraction. It’s okay if he likes some actress, and you stare at the cute neighbor. The important thing is that it’s just a thought, and then you go home and spend the night in each other’s arms”. — M.

  14. Small gestures speak volumes. Sometimes when we stop at traffic lights, my friend pulls my hand, I turned to her, and stretches to kiss me. It is so cute and natural. It just lets me know that he loves me. This is a really nice way to casually remind you that we have each other.” — A.

  15. If we go to the restaurant, please eat, and do not klyuyte like a bird! Here we come — well, and eat. To eat alone is all the same what to drink in one person”. — D.

  16. Be more specific Men are not psychic. If you know what you want, just say it and not expect that he will read between the lines — so you can avoid disappointment. I can’t stand it when women get mad at us for something we have not guessed!” — O.

  17. Be resolute, if you liked the guy. Sometimes read women’s hints is like to disassemble the Braille as sighted. Women have many ways to hint to the man he was to her liking: a light touch, a little more attention at the party. If he finds you interesting — there is a chance that he is interested in you”. — F.

  18. Don’t get me wrong, confidence is sexy, and the tightness pushes, but the lady constantly tweeting about how good she is and how her men in the line up is too much. An excess of self-confidence is working against you.” — D.

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