16-year-old daughter Larisa Guzeeva growing replica of the mother

August 4, 2016

The actress showed off sharing a photo of her grown-up daughter. Fans agreed that the girl grows up an exact copy of the star mother.

Larissa Guzeeva has never been hidden from the public, some principles of education of children it adheres. In particular, she often talked about how to chat with girls and what topics to raise during a conversation with them. In her opinion, the mother should help her daughter gain confidence in herself.

Recently Larissa has shown a picture together with grown-up 16-year-old heir to Lely. The photograph of the presenter with his daughter so much that fans agreed – the girl grows up an exact copy of the star mother. Members wished Guzeeva that Lely has achieved the same heights of fame as the actress and noted that all data for a successful career artist she already is.

It is worth noting that earlier Larissa told how kind to his successor, and that is shared with her various “secrets”, making it even more closer with the girl. “It seems to me to share all sorts of “secrets” with the younger daughters correctly. You moms of daughters, I wish you harmony! Thank you for your good attitude towards me and trust!” – wrote Larisa.

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