16 signs that you are bored with your man

August 3, 2016

We don’t know what brought you together, if now for you, every hour spent without it — it’s just a holiday! If at least half of these items — it’s about you, it is time urgently to change something! Or to refresh relations. Or to stop.

  1. You do not feel excitement when they receive messages from him. Before any “Hello! How are you?” caused such a storm of emotion, like he was a love poem dashed off. And now, nothing.
  2. You feel relieved when he cancels the meeting. Because frankly to admit it, you’d rather stay at home watching TV with a tray of ice cream and a cat in an embrace.

  3. Well, if he says he’s leaving for a week, you (mentally): “Hooray! Freedom!”

  4. You’re out — and you’re ready to leave, because they are tired or just not in a rush. Moreover, a fatigue or a headache will not refer, because you have done so — more than once.

  5. During joint attacks do you prefer to go to a movie or concert, because then you don’t have to talk to each other. Met for 10 minutes before the start and into the hall.

  6. You are constantly pulling something to drink when I met him. Sober chat with him just unbearably boring, constantly hangs this awkward pause.

  7. You are not dreaming about what you will do in the future, for example: “And may we get out to the country, we fry”… and When he says something like that, you either feel nothing or feel irritated.

  8. You don’t even go in the shower and not doing depilation before his arrival. “If he likes me — worried that I have stubble armpits, and head three days myta” — you think (and in fact once you have on beauty preparations for every meeting would have taken hours).

  9. You go to meet him in the same clothes in which I went all day at work, only to change shoes to running shoes.

  10. You don’t talk about it with your friends. What can I add?

  11. And if they say something because they asked. “And how is N.?” — “Normal”.

  12. Sex has become routine and monotonous. You just lie back with a starfish, until it’s all over.

  13. You don’t experience an orgasm with him and not even bother to discuss this topic. You did not even bother to tell him that your Clit on the palm is higher or lower than he thinks.

  14. Annoys you that he does need to explain on the fingers. In the beginning of the relationship you thought it was cute.

  15. You are already practicing the speech on the topic “We should break up”.

  16. You still haven’t dumped him, because he has connected a digital television channel, which is your favorite TV series.

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