15 useful things you can buy in the train

October 25, 2016

In vain you so skeptical about the sales-peddlers in trains who enthusiastically offer passengers a “unique, useful and interesting” products. Some of them are really useful!


Nylon, bamboo, pure Egyptian or Uzbek cotton, antibacterial and anti-stress socks will be useful in any case (even in the train, when got wet feet). And very inexpensive!


Yes, an ordinary magnifying glass it is possible to consider the fine print in a book or a crossword puzzle, the hair on their own hands. And in the process of embroidery are very useful even.

stain remover

For some reason, the stain removers, accidentally bought in the train, are particularly effective. Then it is necessary to run commercial shops with mint label fist and ask – and this you have? No, it is only in the suburban trains!


The most common led flashlight: home they always lost just at the moment when it is necessary to find in a far dark corner of the tiny but very important screw.


This useful thing is always needed and never it no. But you can get paper handkerchiefs with fragrance of peach, and entirely without flavor, and these tissue handkerchiefs – colorful, for girls, and a classic, noble blue and maroon in the box for boys.

reading glasses

Ready vision glasses is a great solution if suddenly contact just fell out, and the house still need to get (and not to feel like a cat Basilio).

Telescopic fork

Usually, in General, a fork – but advances, so to get food you can and with the neighboring plates. Enjoyable, fun and provides a great opportunity!

Fleece baby soft

They cost pennies, don’t weigh anything, and warm – like the real thing: perfect and instant solution for a cool evening!


What you always need to carry: heel rubbed without warning! The choice of patches here – as in the best shopping: all sizes, colors and materials, and the price is much less.

geographical maps

A paper map is a useful thing: the phone can be discharged, and the card never. And if you are traveling with a child and he was bored – on the map you can get directions (handle also buy from the same seller).


Yes, it is not the highest quality umbrella in the world, but the task it performs, and parting with him will not be sorry.

knife sharpener

Irreplaceable thing in the economy: buy it, especially anybody in a head does not come in large stores I always forget about it, but blunt knives all suffer. Well sharpen the knives already!

a needle and thread

Sewing on a button, the tights went to pick up – you never know what happens to people travel? Have a needle – no problem.

melamine sponge

A magical sponge that can scrub any dirt: ballpoint pen with Wallpaper and furniture, and stains on the walls, and dirt from the joints between the tiles, and rust, and again to restore the whiteness of the soles of sneakers. The sponge in the cleaning process crumbles and disappears – along with the dirt!

steel soap

Funny, but really effective thing: a piece of stainless steel machined in the form of soap. If “soap” to water and RUB hands with them – you can get rid of unpleasant smells of fish or onions remaining after cooking. They say even with the smell of gasoline to cope!

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