15 unexpected dangers that may threaten the child at home

October 20, 2016

It would seem, what harm can cause the shower curtain? But children are full of surprises. The former nanny has compiled a list of 15 unexpected dangers that lurk in his own house.

Chris Keller worked for many years as a nanny and knows firsthand how dangerous it could be ordinary objects. She is preparing a series of books for kids The Be Carefull – Home series (“Be careful – Home series”), the first of which already published, and devoted to hot objects.

“Ideally, we would like to wrap our children in cotton wool, to wear a helmet or not to live in a round house with round furniture without sharp corners. Unfortunately, such houses do not exist. So we have to be responsible for the safety of their child,” says Chris.

All parents, she continues, aware of the danger posed by a stove and oven, knives and scissors. But there are less obvious threats.

1. Electrical outlet

Outlet always attract small children: they are small, mysterious holes, and they’re very easy to reach. Fortunately, now there are plastic plugs which is not even discussed! you must close all sockets.

2. Household chemicals

All dishwashing kitchen, plumbing, floors, etc. are often stored directly under the sink and their bright labels look very tempting. There is always a risk that the child can reach the handle on the door of the locker and open it. Especially dangerous tablets for dishwasher or washing machine – they are small and very colorful. Store all these tools out of reach of children or even close the closet door with a key. So you can be sure that the child will not open.

3. Sticks

Yeah, just sticks. And not just those that are in the garden. It refers to any elongated objects such as pencils, pens, straws – they are very dangerous in the hands of children, especially if they decided to run or to chew on them.

“One 3-year-old boy who I looked after, found in the garden a stick, and took it in my mouth and so I decided to run, thinking that it will be very funny. Before I could react, he fell, and a stick stuck in his upper gum. Fortunately, he did not run very quickly – otherwise it could lead to injury of the larynx and the consequences would have been much more serious,” says Chris.

4. Tape

Many store houses of ribbon that you can tie up a gift or braid hair. Remember that this is not a toy and cannot be stored within reach of a child. The tape easily gets tangled around the wrist or neck, it can lead to injury or suffocation.

5. Terraces and balconies

There are lots of scary stories that happened to kids when they played on the balcony, so any parent, usually do not let the children go unattended. However, make sure that you’ve done everything for their safety. If the house is all glass doors leading to open areas of type of terrace or balcony, they need to stick a bright sticker on the child’s eye level. These doors should always be not just closed, but locked so the children couldn’t go out on the balcony without an adult. Do not leave them even for a second “to get something in the kitchen” – that’s dangerous.

6. Studs, nails or needles

They are very sharp and they are easy to overlook. Any such objects hold in specially organized places, ideally in the garage.

7. Flowers with thorns

…such as roses or cacti. If they are in the house, should be as high as possible, so that the child could not get. If spiky flowers grow in your garden, do not allow children to play dangerously close to them.

8. Cosmetics

Perfume, nail Polish, liquid nail Polish remover, cream and eye liner – all Packed in a beautiful and interesting jars of different shapes and sizes which are very easy to access. And of course, the children can try some of that taste.

9. Decorative flowers

This is something that people usually do not hide from children, but in vain. If the kids like fruit and vegetables, flowers too can seem tempting to them and be in the end in his mouth.

10. Medication

Some tablets are very similar to candy. They should be stored in a locked Cabinet, even if your children have already grown up.

“6-year-old girl once she noticed the bottle of medicine for her grandmother and decided to try it. She decided that if grandma is drinking, so no harm. Fortunately, there was nothing drastic, but we can be confident that you will be so lucky,” says Chris.

11. Kitchen utensils

Everyone knows about the dangers of knives, but there were still a potato peeler, grater, blender and juicer – they too need to follow. Try to keep these items either in packaging or in hard to reach top cupboards.

12. Belts, scarves, ties, belt of the robe (the list goes on)

They can be scattered around the house: something you threw, coming tired from work, something just didn’t notice. Playing with straps is impossible because of the danger of suffocation. Discipline yourself to remove things on the back of the wardrobe.

13. Jewelry

If you don’t want the baby swallowed your jewelry, put them in the nose or ears, or simply lost, keep them in a special box, hidden from children. Your favorite earrings for them – just colorful shining toy. It is extremely dangerous.

14. Plastic bags and shower curtains

With large packages it is very convenient to play hide and seek in the curtains, conveniently wrapped. All this threatens suffocation or injuries. Do not leave children alone in the bathroom.

15. Air fresheners

As a rule, it is a beautiful bottle with a delicious smelling liquid, spraying on the cover (double danger!). Keep them out of reach of children and better just open the window to freshen the air.

Kids love to eat random things. It is impossible to be there every time they do it, so the best thing we can do is take preventive measures. Make your home safe even during pregnancy, the rest will gradually become a habit.

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