15 ingenious ways to protect the tree from cats, dogs (and children)

December 23, 2016

To tie the tree to the ceiling? To put it in a cage? Ripped off all the branches in advance? Nothing is impossible, if your house lives a very active cat or a dog. Or child.

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree – a perfect toy for your pet. It can jump, it can gnaw, chew and play with the bright balls. In General, if you do not want to see its green beauty lying on the floor with broken toys – examine the experience of these brilliant people.

The most popular way to tie the tree to the ceiling or put in a cage. Cat afraid of vacuum cleaners? They will be a great additional decoration to your Christmas tree.

And this is revenge, pure and simple. Each time the cat begins to play with Christmas toys, you for 15 minutes put him in a suit of Santa Claus. He’ll definitely remember!

Source: boredpanda.com

Anna Stachura

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