15 great face creams cheaper 1000 rubles

August 18, 2016

It is not necessary to pay big money for face cream. We found 15 funds, which perfectly moisturize the skin and are thus less than 1,000 rubles!

1. Hydratation moisturizing cream, gel’tek

The basis of this domestic product — the Shea butter and wheat germ are very effective moisturizers and skin protectors. Even the emulsifier (the means by which the cream does not break up into its component parts) is made from olive oil. The composition is and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, and Aloe Vera juice soothes the skin and prevents acne. To enhance the protective properties of the cream in its composition contains D-panthenol and a unique UV filter of the latest generation.

Price 850 RUB.

2. Day cream “Antistress”, Lykovskaya cosmetics

For the manufacture of this cream is manufacturers of Kislovodsk, a famous health resort with numerous thermal springs and springs — used melted ice water, cocoa butter, olive and linseed oil, beeswax and Botanical extracts of clover, calendula, Linden, and yarrow. The cream moisturizes, protects from free radicals and soothes dehydrated, irritated skin.

The price is about 800 rubles.

3. Gel-cream Express hydration, Myrrh

The composition of this cream are the envy of many a luxury brand: apricot kernel oil, D-panthenol, soy lecithin, birch leaf extract, birch buds extract, extract Centella Asian, knotweed extract, Vitamin E, orange essential oil, essential oils of myrrh, lemon essential oil — a perfectly balanced complex of ingredients that restore skin tone, restores moisture balance and reduce the chance of allergic reactions and irritation.

The price is about 500 RUB.

4. Day cream hydrolifting “Violet and Marshmallow,” the Green Mama

Lightweight and fast absorbing cream suitable for all skin types, moisturizes and softens, returns face a healthy color and a delicate radiance. Contains Angelica extract, vitamin complex and marshmallow extract, which removes signs of fatigue, puffiness, improves microcirculation, gently tones and tightens the contours of the face. The composition is and pure Shea butter — natural skin protection from ultraviolet radiation. This is a good and cheap cream for face and leaves no oily Shine and is a perfect base for day makeup.

Price about 200 RUB.

5. Moisturizing serum for the face, Baikal Herbals

Developed on the basis of the Baikal herbs, this serum is specially designed for sensitive skin prone to flaking, irritation and redness. This effect is provide extract and globe-Junggar Mongolian tea, and cedar jelly — a unique ingredient nourishes and soothes the skin, protecting it from external factors.

The price was about 240 rubles.

6. Cream-gel, Arctic Aqua, Lumene

Great moisturizer for oily or combination skin. Due to the absence in the composition of the oils without Shine, Hydroxylitol complex nourishes the skin with moisture and keeps it inside, without causing oedema or excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. With prolonged use reduces sebum production and reduces excessive Shine in the T-zone.

Price about 380 RUB.

7. Universal cream All in One Snail Repair Cream, Mizon

Luxury Korean cream that contains 92% of snail secretion filtrate is designed specifically for tired and dull skin. It restores elasticity and firmness of skin, improves skin tone, smoothes fine lines, makes skin smooth, promotes the renewal of the upper skin layer and thus struggling with early aging.

The price is about 480 RUB.

8. Bio-face cream “Double rejuvenating care Black Pearl

Damask rose extract nourishes and repairs the skin cells, neutralizing free radicals that Deplete collagen and elastin, thereby slowing the aging process. The cream tightens the facial contours and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort, even if you have dry skin. And thanks to the SPF factor it is suitable to use in summer or in the South. A great cream that you can buy cheap!

Price about 200 RUB.

9. Nourishing day cream, Nivea

American Nobel laureate Peter agre received his award for the discovery of aquaporins — special water channels through which the moisture moves to the skin layers. This discovery led to the Nivea experts to create a formula HYDRA-IQ (smart hydration), which stimulates the formation of aquaporins, thereby improving moisture distribution in the skin and eliminating the appearance of dehydrated areas.

Price about 200 RUB.

10. “Hydration Expert” L’oréal Paris

This cream has been developed especially for sensitive skin, prone to redness and irritation. It
intensely moisturizes the skin, holds in moisture, reduces redness and prevents their appearance in future. Almond oil and Camellia extract even skin tone and make it more healthy, smooth and radiant.

The price is about 280 RUB.

11. Face cream Anti-Age Caviar Gold, Natura Siberica

Unique features of proteins contained in black caviar and gold, known for its antibacterial properties, the complex will allow specialists to achieve a harmonious and effective Duo that transforms the skin in a matter of weeks. Amino acids, minerals and vitamins in combination with colloidal gold of 24 carats tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles and even out the complexion, enhancing skin’s healthy glow and elasticity.

The price is around 820 RUB.

12. Hyaluronic moisturizing cream
Libre Derm

Hyaluronic acid is known to be the best moisturizer for the skin, it stimulates collagen and elastin to maintain youthful, strengthens the skin, nourishes deep layers of skin, resulting in skin that appears naturally radiant skin, it looks smoother, velvety and elastic. And the oil of ginger is the second key component of the cream — 60% consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which means that soothes, calms and nourishes the skin.

The price is about 400 rubles.

13. Toning face cream, Body Shop

Lightweight cream-gel hydrates, tones and instantly gives the skin a healthy glow thanks to the vitamin C, which means very rich, as it contains oils of orange and grapefruit. And reflective particles in the composition turn it into a great primer that prepares the skin for make-up, making it visually fresh.

The price is about 650 RUB.

14. Cream “pure line”,” the Neva cosmetics

Despite its modest appearance, this cream does an excellent job of taking care of the skin. In its composition in addition to ginseng extract, which strengthens and tones the skin, is Echinacea extract — a natural anti-age ingredient, Shea butter which softens and protects, olive oil and vitamin E.

The price is about 50 rubles.

15. Cream “Natural elixir of youth”, Clean line

Enough to read the part to make sure that the cream is great: 7 oils (pistachio, sesame, sunflower seed oil, passion fruit, grape seed, peach and olive), chamomile extract and moisturizing ingredients. Will fit any skin, well absorbed and smells really nice.

The price is about 70 rubles.

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