15 facts known only to owners of thick hair

December 17, 2016

When people say “your hair is thick…”, we often automatically add “…and silky”. So accustomed shampoo. Ha! The real truth about thick hair only know their owner. And here it is:

Your combs are never empty

No matter how often you take out of them the hair they always look so difficult you happy konezavodchik.

Your drain in the bathroom clogged. Always

Some people clean the sewers once a week. But you just need to stand under the shower so that the water began to rise to the ankles.

If the hair is to keep moist, they are dry within a day

You want to tell me about the benefits of “natural drying”? Are you serious?

You need a fresh sticky roller for cleaning clothes. Each and every day.

At that time, as ordinary people use it for cleaning the traces of cats or dogs — you have to collect their own hair, their own clothes. With each article of clothing.

All think to wear thick hair it’s gorgeous

They believe that you live here so:

Your reality:

You can go without a haircut for a long time and no one will notice

Of course, somewhere hidden in the mass of those split ends that need to be cut. But they are hidden in tons of non-sekkumise hair, so no one will never notice, just pretend that all is well.

Two words: neck sweats

Leaving summer with her hair you will get these streaks of sweat on the back, like you ran a marathon.

Usually you stifle your man when trying to cuddle

And, of course: the hair all over the bed

Winter shows hack from

If you already necessily any strand, it becomes immediately obvious: you just walk down the street with icicles on his head, cursing.

Sometimes you are ready to give up, and allow the husband to collect you tail cleaner

How dad’s do it for the world their daughters.

You constantly think about cutting it off

No shampooing for an hour! Not drying the head for two hours! No you tons of shampoos in the bathroom! Freedom!

You never drove the car with open Windows, like in the movies

Because only in the movies or cartoons mane flying so that it is beautiful. In real life out of the hair and wind — you have to blindly spit all the way. Nice try, Sonny, but we don’t believe you.

You wash your hair with conditioner before shampoo

To make it possible to apply a shampoo after that. And then again with the conditioner so that the shampoo can be washed off. And finally, just with the conditioning, all the ordinary people.

Hair invisible don’t exist for you

Well, because they are too disposable. Sometimes you don’t even have time to see, as they say, “Oh, everything!”

Although in the winter you can walk around without a hat

Sometimes to wear that MOP just physically hard

Ekaterina Sarycheva

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