15 designers of jewelery that you will love!

December 27, 2016

To consider decorating is such a little baby feeling: as if digging in my mom’s box of “jewels”, one try, then another. These designers obviously know something that you don’t know the rest because you create a completely magical things. Watching together!

porcelain and wood

The design Duo of Kao Lin makes a very steep and delicate jewelry with natural motifs. Rings and bracelets you want to touch – they are warm and alive.

The beetles in the leaves

American masters Red Truck Designs is also nature, but quite different. Beetles with green backs, gold bees or tender leaves, the silver palms: fine with deliberate roughness.

Cameos: the return

The decorations of this master cameos. Not a classic, but modern – antique profile, curly-haired woman’s head, goats and horses. Beauty!

In all the splendor

Not a designer, and a Duo of jewelry created by Gitta, Derberg and Henning Kern – serious, without irony, very stylish and “adult”. There are Swarovski crystals, enamel, semi – precious stones- and beg “exit” in the theater, for example.

a game without rules

Work by Tatiana Suhodoeva want to touch it because they look at least a surprise. The irregularly shaped pearls large necklace of agate, aluminum brooches are for those who are not afraid to be visible.

together forever

Engagement rings Michael Rynkowa for daring newlyweds. For example, because of titanium. And certainly no one else will! To the master, you can come with your own ideas.


Embroidered brooch from the Studio “blue dove”: not only a fine but also delicate content. And a rabbit!

Mirit Weinstock – master of Israel, and her work can be considered infinite. Succinct and graphic, clear and catchy. Here are a series of “Spine”, for example: vertebrae – it’s incredibly beautiful!


Jewelry brand “Alchemy” is the architects Igor Komov and Katherine Lemmas. Here’s what they write about themselves: “Alchemy” for us — the territory of creativity, we present to the public the result of our inner work, hours of meditation and careful study of the chosen topic”. I want to admire and to wear.

insect world


Vernissage Jewellery is Italian Ylenia Corti, master with a fantastic imagination. Collection – the magical worlds and stories in detail.

about love

The motto of this brand “Jewelry, created with love for a woman and nature.” Very simple, very delicate and airy, not covering woman, but underscoring the fragility.

flowers and dreams

The conceptual Belgian brand with an incredible attention to detail. Unique and very modern (or even future) decoration.

transparent or bright

Author Dutch jewelry: colourful, quirky, statement piece jewelry. A lot of things from jewelry resin – transparent and floating, layered with 3D effect.

Orchid foil

Jeweler Pavel Ryzhenkov, like, a connoisseur of women’s souls – without this knowledge such collections would not have happened. Choose between fresh flowers or, for example, jewelry, stylized shape of the Windows of the Melnikov house in Moscow!

Oh, Princess

Master Evgeny Galaktionov makes ring, a stylized middle ages – but worthy of the 21st century. And they like candy.

Eugene Golobokova

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