15 brilliant lifehacks that save the lives of parents

November 30, 2016

Stop sulking in the car. Hide candy so that they couldn’t find them. To eat vegetables and drink the medicine. Children constantly throw up problems that, at first glance, seem unsolvable. Read 15 brilliant tips to help even the most desperate parents.

  1. Separate baby seats in the car cardboard partitions. They not only will not fight anymore, but even have time to get bored.
  2. Hide candy in package of frozen beans.
  3. Lesson for dooolgo walk: ask the kid to paint the fence. Water.
  4. Cot, from which the baby grew, the crib turns… turns… in a great place for games and activities!
  5. Bed sheets with elastic on the beach will serve as a playpen or sandbox.
  6. Child falls asleep without being held, and you are too tired? Replace your hand on the glove filled with beans.
  7. Children’s sticker inside the Shoe will help you distinguish right from left.
  8. Time management from the cradle. Paint white watches in different colors, where each mean something.
  9. Create fun gamesthat encourage your child to tidy up along with you.
  10. Big cardboard box – a great place for creativity!
  11. Baby hammock-button simultaneously easy to do with blankets and the dining table.
  12. The child is not soiled in the ice cream, use a cap from a takeaway coffee.
  13. It’s an endless whiteboard for drawing, which is easy to do yourself.
  14. Give them a joystick that is not connected to the computer. They can play an hour, if not more.
  15. Untangle doll’s hair, you can use soap and conditioner. At the same time to play hairdresser.

Source: boredpanda.com Anna Stachura

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