15 apps that will help your child become more successful

July 1, 2016

Take the student smartphone and tablet, better install them these are useful to study the application and evaluate the results!

skola – school diary

Technically it’s really a diary, but it is much more useful paper. Here you can make the class schedule (the app even shows how many are left until the end of the boring algebra or recalls that soon the next lesson) write notes on any objects (including using the voice recorder), monitor, assess, share with your friends homework, and even to schedule their mood.

Foxford Textbook

Interactive Handbook for all school subjects from 4 to 11. More than 3,000 of theoretical materials, laid out on three levels of difficulty, more than 500 video lessons from the coolest teachers, and the opportunity to make their own selections. And all this wealth is constantly updated with new information!

Tests for school

A lot of tests on all subjects of the school curriculum: you can quickly identify your gap in knowledge to focus on primetime, which until failure. The app also helps to prepare for the control and exams.

Znanija.com (Sanyam)

The application of the educational portal “Knowledge”, where pupils and students can share with each other the right information. Difficulty with homework? Get help and response from others, more savvy students. Excellence? Share with other decision and earn the scores and ranking.

I decide use

The application helps to prepare for the same exam: 15 available training options for each school subject, assignments are updated regularly.

Cloud knowledge

A selection of interactive “workbooks” at school from 5 to 9th grade. Benefits are designed as a trainer: you can learn a new topic, and then repeat it until it is firmly. There are the usual assignments and “control of work”.

A brief summary of books

An indispensable application when you need per night to find out what’s still “War and peace”: more than 2,000 of the world’s classic literature, including in the school curriculum.

The spelling of Russian language

Great app to remember finally how to write a compound word: here you can test your knowledge using tests with different levels of complexity (words in which you make mistakes, the program will offer you again and again, until you finally they do not remember), and examine in what cases apply, what the rules of the Russian language. There is a similar application with the rules of grammar and punctuation.

Reshebnik-calculator Catch the answer

Assistant in solving mathematical examples, equations and problems: not just shows the answer, but offers to see the progress of the solution and to understand where your problem is. Is great, for example, to check the homework instead of the parent.

MyScript Calculator

This calculator went even further – he performs the operations manual – that is, literally, written by the finger or stylus on the screen.


This calculator is the undoubted leader among application-helpers: is there even anything to type, just point the smartphone camera at the problem, an example or equation (they should be in print, not in manuscript form), and here’s the answer. For curious students have the opportunity to not only receive a ready solution, but also to see the reasoning: the function “Steps” activates a mode in which the unit displays step-by-step solution to the example.


A huge collection of different formulas in algebra, geometry and physics. There is a possibility to make a selection of “favorite” formulas, which the student uses most often and useful feature “How to find?”, which will show all formulas, which you can use directly in the classroom to deduce the desired value.

Cribs on the physics

A compilation of formulas for all sections of physics of weight and gravity to the theory of relativity.

Chemistry X10

Universal assistant in chemistry class: is able to solve problems and reactions, calculation of molecular weight, and, of course, shows the periodic table. Interesting feature: if the teacher got too close, you can quickly run your finger across the screen, and instead tips it will be just an ordinary dial.

Response. Solver for chemistry

Calculator chemical reactions: not just equalizes organic reactions, but also predlagaet acquainted with theoretical material, allowing to explain their decision to meticulous teacher.

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