13 mothers in each PTA

July 2, 2016

These character types you’ll find in any community mothers. Even when the phrase “parent Committee” you have a twitchy eye, you still encounter them from time to time.

The super-successful

She just opened a second business, replaced a fifth car for six months, and her six-month-old child is already reading Kant in the original.

Home disaster

She spends half the day sitting and watching either TV series or as a new washing machine: “I wash. I’m busy!”. In her house constantly dust because she does not have time to get out. When your daughter off to visit them, you regret not releasing a pink hazmat suits. They are so easy to clean.

The mother bird, she’s a “helicopter mom”

“You have the truck? Where did you get the truck back! Do not try to pull it into your mouth!”, she says his ten-year son.

Freely hovering mom

“You’re going camping for the weekend? Well, honey, if you get lost in the forest, cherkani me a card”.


“Did you know that nail Polish is harmful to the ozone layer?”

Fashionable mom

“No, I don’t allow my daughter to carry the books without covers. Otherwise, they are not in harmony with the color of its container”.

Fan of breastfeeding

“I believe that school Lunches harmful. And if I had not stopped lactating, my child would go to school with a bottle of the most useful in the world of milk”.

Specialist in early development

Her child everywhere carries around a chess Board, mind maps, and the mother is worried that he is not sufficiently fluent fourth foreign language.

A foreigner

“We have at home is perfectly normal to give a child to school a can of stew and a 30-centimeter knife to open it for Breakfast.”

A young mother

Is a quiet hatred of his giggling and excellent pressure.

Old mother

A genuine triumph of modern medicine.


A professional nanny is the most competent and dangerous man in the entire list.

Handsome man

Best mom, which is always nice to see.

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