13 models of bags, which reduce our way

December 13, 2016

Fortunately, today affordable fashion, and handbags sold thousands of models to choose something you like, it is not difficult. But it is difficult to stop yourself – and not to choose a handbag that will defeat all efforts to create a stylish image. These bags are better to avoid, even if they beckon you!

Bag with ruffles and flounces

Bag this shape always looks weird – even if on the shelf in the store it looked good. Wings, ruffles or petals create huge, whether gardening, or predatory Association (sundew, perhaps?), and it is very difficult combined with coats, jackets and outerwear.

Bag subject

Sometimes you want to fall in childhood (or be brought to the world such a bold and free person with a high degree of self-irony) and get a bag-a shell or bag-accordion. Still, it is not necessary: such bags rarely look good (to be honest – they look strange and inappropriate).

Bag with perforation

Strange and indescribable style. Cowboy on the Prairie? 80s? Around the winter and we have summer? In pattern and even the dirt becomes dirty over time, especially if the bag light!

Bag from pieces

Some people think that the bag is made from pieces of leather (sometimes multi-colored), this is a boho style, cute and casual, or maybe even hippie-chic. No, unfortunately, it is not so: it looks like this bag has long died brave, but out of nostalgic reasons you and her are all a part of.

Bag faux leather

Of course, some brands basically do not use natural skin from environmental considerations. And there are bags of eco-leather that look great and fit in with any style. But the main sign of a faulty bag she’s pretending to be leather! And failed. Look at it critically: fine or too coarse material? Bad dressing “skin”? Ugly seams? That’s not necessary.

Bag of several types of skin

In such bags carefully collected all the best from. Here a crocodile, there is the reptile, there’s bumps, and then patent leather. Beauty! Perhaps even attached fur keychain contains. The eyes diverge, in General.

Fake bag

The characteristic form, huge logos, recognizable letters – you would think that the bag is just exactly the same as in the magazine, and the fact that you bought it on a Chinese website, no one will know? Alas. It is better to buy the bag by an unknown designer than to show everyone that the thirst for brands won your common sense.

“Fun” bag

All the fashionable girls know that there are brands that produce ironic and cute purses in the “frivolous” style. If you are very drawn to these brands, great, but if you think that any “gay” bag will not differ from them are wrong. Appliqué cats, mushrooms, stars and the houses look nice and expensive rarely, and decorate your way even rarer.

A very large bag

On the one hand it is convenient: fit all and a little more. On the other – from the “whole” you will inevitably be skewed, posture will deteriorate, and the arm – weary. Besides, too big a bag in the city looks strange. For visiting a fitness club is better to use special model for weekend trips too, and of the gargantuan abandoned in favor of small bags (A4 is enough).

Bag with uncomfortable handles

There is a category of handbags – like and roomy, and very successful, but it is unclear how this bag to carry: on the shoulder, climbs on the elbow – weird, in the hands inconvenient, belt is not provided. The result of this unfortunate bag we are continually improving, shift, outweighs and behave exceptionally fussy. To refuse!

Nylon bag

Winter looks good only bags made of thick fabric, and the thin nylon rustling, looks cheap, and, most importantly, do not understand the purpose of such bags: the image does not extend special beauty is not observed. So if the soul lies to the cloth bag that you choose with leather detail: flap or pockets, will be much better.

bag with embossed pattern

It seems that the bags still in love with grandma (and not in the category of “noble vintage” this bag has not passed). Overall, the feel is the same as carpet on the wall: it is unclear why, but if you really like – let it be. It is still unclear!

Patent bag with decorations

Even patent bag without any decoration – this is quite risky: it is demanding for shoes and outer clothing, it often fingerprints, and in General it is more suitable for the evening. Patent leather bag with chains, rhinestones, tassels and other wonderful items, please leave in the store.
Eugene Golobokova

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