12 things we are definitely going to wear this spring

February 3, 2017

Despite the fact that the window is still snow, every woman is excited about spring! How do you want as quickly as possible to hide in the far corner all these hats-coats-jackets. Know the feeling? Then it’s time to see the things that fashion designers offer us to wear this spring!

  • Patrizia Pepe spring-summer 2017

  • Patrizia Pepe spring-summer 2017

  • Patrizia Pepe spring-summer 2017

  • Patrizia Pepe spring-summer 2017

Trench coat

Double-breasted raincoat equipped with a lot of simple, but impressive details – epaulets, flaps, yoke, and waistband – will be one of the most actual things of the new fashion season. Wear trench coat with jeans, pants and little black dress, as do known for their unique style of French women. Only, perhaps, what NOT to wear it is with a long skirt too becomes a monumental image.

  • Banana Republic

  • Geox

  • Gerard Darel

  • Luisa Cerano

Floral dress

Romantic, even a bit naive, the dress will create a spring mood to you and others. Bet on the correct color for the off-season is perfect bright colors on a dark background. This model is best worn with thick tights and a strict military jacket or a cropped jacket. Avoid very large prints and tight synthetic fabrics, this dress will instantly raise you to the rank of “grannies”.

Maje / LK Bennett

Logo t-shirt

More recently to wear a t-shirt with large inscription on the chest was considered a fashionable language, but this spring, with the filing of the Italian designer Duo Dolce & Gabbana we can again “show off” brand name things or rebellious inscriptions.

Pinko / Sandro / Liusa Cerano


In the fashion of the 80s making a comeback! Pants bananas, ultrashort skirts, voluminous shoulders, leggings and, of course, leather jackets. They have long ceased to be a member solely of the biker style, and migrated to the wardrobes of fashionistas. The most effective way you can build on the contrast of textures – rough leather jacket and high shoes with frivolous dress of translucent light fabric.

  • bonprix

  • Maje

  • Motivi

Pleated skirt

The thin-pleated skirt flatter the figure not only is not worse than the most effective diet, but also visually elongates the silhouette. Choose this mid-length shiny metallic fabric, they are more versatile – suitable for office and evening. For work wear it with simple trousers or shirts, and on a date wear with a crop top underwear style or a beautiful cashmere jumper.

Patrizia Pepe / Marina Rinaldi

Cropped jeans

Length jeans to be ankle-deep, was the most relevant in the new season. A deliberately uneven hem with fringe gives the image a slight negligence and will only add to his femininity. Wear this style better with ballet flats or boots, menswear-inspired flat.

Luisa Cerano


Comfortable and roomy backpack is no longer a symbol of the hikes and sports events and one of the most stylish accessories. Leather backpack would be appropriate even in the office in a company with a business suit, and bright textiles for a walk.

  • Furla

  • Ekonika

  • Bally

  • Coccinelle

Top with ruffle

Ruffles, ruffles and flounces are able to make any, even very simple, feminine and stylish. Great addition to surround the top will be a neat drainpipe trousers or straight skirt, which will help to balance the image.


  • Luisa Cerano

  • Marks & Spencer

Shirt-straight cut

When selecting your ideal shirt, give up models darted, form-fitting styles look old-fashioned and can accentuate figure flaws, especially extra weight in the waist and abdomen. Prefer them straight shirt style. reminiscent of men’s shirt.

  • Marks & Spencer

  • Top Secret

  • Top Secret

Leather skirt

The length of trendy skirts can be any, from mini to MIDI, but the choice of style depends on the shape type. The owners of type shape “Apple” should choose short skirt a-line silhouette and feminine forms of the type “hourglass” perfectly accentuate a sheath skirt. To hide large hips of women with type figure “pear” under the power of the skirt is A-line elastic.

Marks & Spencer / LK Bennett

Large earrings

Visible jewelry will always help with the case, “the ship to the ball”, for example, when you have an unscheduled evening event or a romantic date. Large earrings will instantly make the look really smart, don’t forget to wear them in her purse just in case. Do hair or collect hair in a ponytail and voila! stylish evening look is ready.

Lady Collection / Swarovski

Top underwear style

Style, as if you just got out of bed, does not lose its relevance and this spring. Decorated with a delicate lace top should not be hidden under clothing, allow it to add playfulness and femininity to your image. He may gently “look out” from the back of the cardigan or the gate free of the pants, lowered on one shoulder.

  • Luisa Cerano

  • Top Secret

  • Motivi

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