12 signs that he’s flirting with you and just kind to everyone

August 30, 2016

At the sight of you, his face blooming into a smile, he happily rushes towards you, hugging, helpful, picks up a heavy bag and you are on spring Avenue, lively discussing something… And then you wonder: love — no love, kisses or would be very surprised if it tries to make you. Because sometimes to distinguish a lover from a friendly guy so hard! But it is possible. And here’s how to do it.

  1. He goes on talking, as soon as it comes to something ambiguous. You have a deep, meaningful conversation, but it’s worth mentioning something to do with sex and he changes the subject.
  2. If he holds doors for you and takes your coat — it can mean anything. Maybe he’s in love with you, and maybe he’s just good manners.

  3. He never misses an opportunity to touch you — and behaves exactly the same with all the others. He put his hand on your shoulder? Straightens a strand of hair that fell on your forehead? You start to think that he’s madly in love with you, and then you notice that he’s just one of those people who is all hugs, pulls at the buttons, kissing when meeting, etc. This guy just loves touch.

  4. Your grandmother would call him “good boy.” I guess he really just a good boy. Good boys, good boys all, and not only with women, which sank.

  5. He responds to messages immediately. If he was in love with, tried not to show it and made a pause of a few minutes (OK, maybe he is so crazy about you that he doesn’t care about all these games. and so he writes as soon as I got the message).

  6. It makes you the same compliments, and her sister. Example: “looking Good” is not flirting. “You have beautiful eyes” — like flirting. “You have gorgeous ass — uh, too much.

  7. You are 100 percent sure that he is flirting with you… Until you see him talking with another woman. And you realize that he just has this way of communicating. It does not mean that he is indifferent to you. It’s just difficult to determine. On the other hand, do you want to meet a guy who flirts with every?

  8. He is a foreigner. Then your chances are 50/50: either he is flirting with you or not. It’s all in the translation difficulties and the difference in cultural norms: roughly speaking, a country passionate kiss upon meeting is a simple “Hello”, another kissed on the cheek — all is obliged to marry.

  9. You tried to kiss him, and he flinched. Of course, there is still a chance that he’s some sort of Mormon and is waiting for the first kiss until marriage.

  10. He gives you their contacts and is not interested in your. If he doesn’t attempt to take your telephone number and furthermore refuses to leave, so it was just non-committal small talk at the party.

  11. He’s trying to hook you up with one of his friends. This is not how people in love do with those who are in love.

  12. He never writes or calls you himself. May had a long chat with you if you call or reply to your messages, but never initiates contact. Either this guy knows how to communicate with people worse than anyone in the world, or just trying to be friendly.

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