11 ways to understand that he is more than a simple hobby

August 30, 2016

“Do not confuse love with love”, — told to us from childhood. Here we are trying to figure out where one ends and the other begins. When he comes, that magic moment, in that “one nice young man” becomes your favorite?

  1. First you were nervous and were shaking in his presence, and now you feel comfortable and relaxed around him. Before the thought of his kiss was like a shot of adrenaline, and now you can hold it by itself.

  2. When you kiss him good-bye after you spent time together doesn’t bother you, call it even — you know what you will call, write, and you have a good long talk and natseluetes enough.

  3. All the other guys that you like, begin to seem boring and fade into the background. More recently, you’d freak out with joy if that cute guy from the gym invited you to sit and chat in phyto-bar, and now you agree out of politeness and trying to get out — because you still have to get dolled up before the evening meeting.

  4. You are no longer dreaming about how passionately kiss that actor / nice guy out of the crowd. You now have someone to kiss.

  5. You are happy when you just go to the grocery store. Together to roll the cart on a vegetable row with a loved one is so romantic!

  6. When he left for the night, you quietly go wash your face, brush your teeth and use the toilet, not shy and not pretending to be princesses do not write.

  7. If he calls, you are covered in cold sweat, wondering what he wants and is not going to do at the last minute to cancel your appointment. You’re just glad now hear a familiar voice.

  8. If in a few months the city comes to your favorite band, you don’t have to sadly reflect, and whether it will be next to go along to the concert.

  9. Now the idea that you care about, not “does he Like me?”, and “if he Loves me as much as I love him?”. It is clear that he is indifferent to you, but the equivalent of your feelings? Yes, lovers love to dwell on details.

  10. You become an expert in reading between the lines and deciphering hints and random obmalloc. “I wonder — do you think, when he recently called us a couple, he meant that we were serious, or is it just a figure of speech — as a pair of shoes?”

  11. Aren’t you afraid that if you send three messages in a row, it seems obsessive lover’s fool. And do not fear that he will realize how much you are in love with him — you are happy to show each other their feelings.

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