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October 28, 2016

This package will help you to tone muscle, improve flexibility, strengthen muscular system and overall health , increase stamina. Do it 2-3 times a week, and you’ll feel 10 years younger!

Our expert: Anna Motyzhev, master trainer guiding the group programs of the Federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit

General guidelines

Keep breathing , technique, and heart rate between exercises drink water in small SIPS. In all the exercises necessary to keep the spine elongated, the press fit, knees slightly bent, follow the posture. Do not hurry, do the exercises consciously.

Exercise 1.

Starting position: feet shoulder width of the pelvis, one leg on the toe, and press tucked, spine elongated, shoulders slightly flattened towards the spine, chin parallel to the floor.

1) Perform squats on one leg, hands touching the floor. Back and thigh parallel to the floor.

2)Staying with the feet, moving the pelvis back, make a wide step backwards with the other leg in the position attack, the body tilt forward, keeping your back straight.

3) Raise your hand and body in a vertical position, dropping the hips closer to the floor, feeling a slight stretch, the hip of the outstretched leg is not rotated and aimed at the floor.

4) Moving in the reverse sequence, return to starting position.

Perform 10 times, then change leg. Gradually the number of repetitions can be reduced to 15 on each leg.

Exercise 2.

Starting position: feet wider than shoulders, toes pointing forward, knees slightly bent, press tucked, spine elongated, shoulders flattened to the spine.

1) Bend your right leg and lower pelvis to an angle of 90 degrees in the knee and tap the floor with his palm, the other hand on her hip.

2)Perform twisting of the casing to the right, keeping your back straight and parallel to the floor so that the hands form a straight line. The gaze is directed to the hand, the lower hand gently pushes off from the floor, arms perpendicular to the floor.

3)Return to starting position.

Perform 10 times, then change leg. Gradually the number of repetitions can be reduced to 15 on each leg.

Exercise 3

1. Stand near the chair. To optimally determine the distance you need to sit on him to straighten his back and put his feet on the width of the pelvis, toes directed forward, the heels directly below the knees. Without changing the position of the legs, stand up, tighten abdominal muscles, knees slightly bend, raise your arms up without lifting the shoulders. Every time lifting, check it’s position.

2. Moving the hips back and slightly tilting the body forward, sit on a chair, hands in front of him.

3) Maintaining a press fit, lift the foot above the floor about 10 cm, put it back. Pushing the pelvis forward, stand up into its original position. Be careful during the lifting to the standing position and back your knees remain over your heels and not moving forward.

Perform 1 or 2 sets of 30 times

Exercise 4

1) the push-up position on forearms, elbows under the shoulder joints, the body pull in one line from head to feet, keep blades, lower the shoulders, extend the cervical spine, tighten the abdominal muscles and tighten your legs.

2) Hold this position, alternately raise one leg, straining buttocks, pulling the toe of the foot back so the knees stay on one line.

Perform 10 lifts on each leg. You can complicate the exercise, doing it at arm’s length.

  • 4-1.jpg

  • 4-2.jpg

Exercise 5

1) the push-up position, hands wider than shoulders, press fit.

2) Pushing hands from the floor, perform a push-up. Elbows slightly bent, neck extended, head to knee flat line.

3) Return to starting position and simultaneously lift arms and legs off the floor for about 15-20 cm, holding a press fit, shoulders are down, arms and legs outstretched.

4) get Down, place hands wider than shoulders and run all over again.

Run 1 approach 30 times or two sets of 20 repetitions, you can intensify the exercise if you’re doing push UPS without touching the knees to the floor (straighten legs).

Exercise 6

1) starting position: sitting, legs straight and back extended, hands palms forward under the shoulders or slightly behind them.

2), Dropping his shoulders and pushing the chest forward, push off from the floor. Tighten your abs, buttocks and legs. Climb to the pelvis formed a line with feet and shoulders, the sight in front of him. Return to starting position.

Execute one approach on 10 repetitions.

Exercise 7

1) Sit on the floor, reject the case back, resting lightly on the palm of your hand. The shoulders are lowered, the press pulled, legs form a 90 degree angle or slightly more.

2) Pull your stomach and strength the abdominal muscles pull the body and legs towards each other, so that the tibia was parallel to the floor and knees at shoulder level. Return to starting position.

Follow one or two approaches on 30 times if you want to intensify the exercise, perform it without touching with hands and feet sex, hold hands in front of him.

Exercise 8

1) starting position: on your side, resting on forearm, palm facing forward, elbow under shoulder, body stretches, right and left side equally extended, press tucked up, leg in the same plane with the body, a support shoulder is lowered and during exercise rises.

2) Climb, pushing the bottom side up, pulling the upper and aspiring upper hand to the floor, to the position of the arc. Return to starting position.

Perform 10 repetitions in each direction gradually bringing to 15 if you want to make, do it at arm’s length, with straight legs.

Exercise 9

1) starting position: with your back to the chair, the pelvis almost touches the chair, the angle in the hip and knees 90 degrees, back straight, press tucked up, arms extended.

2) Bend your elbows and lower the pelvis down, moving perpendicular to the floor, pelvis to slide along the chair, do not lift the shoulders. Press, lifting back.

Perform two sets of 15 times, gradually bringing up to 20 if you want to make, add when lifting hold one leg in the air.

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