10 worst gifts. How to find a use for them?

January 3, 2017

Even an ugly sweater that you never wear, may be useful in the household and benefit. So do not hurry to throw it away.

Glass ball with snow

It will be already the tenth on your bookshelf? Do not worry. What for some is just another dust collector for other exhibit in the collection. Collectors find these on popular websites with ads.

books with a hint of

To receive a gift from her mother in law a book about parenting that you don’t have is the worst gift ever. If you do not want to see this eternal reproach, pass the book to those who really need it. In the US there is a special website Better World Books. With it, you can print a free label, and then resell the book to raise money for charity or donate them to the needy. Perhaps, in Russia will soon have something similar.

Gift card

This restaurant may not be in your city, and the clothes from this store you don’t like. Anyway, you can try to exchange a card for cash at special sites (just type the request in Google).

A vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment

Yes, the husband was guided by the best intentions, but it’s not exactly a Christmas gift of your dreams. And would you have preferred to participate in the selection. In General, if the cleaner did not come – do not hesitate to sell it and choose another.

Subscription services

Mom without you knowing paid for the publication of your profile on a Dating website and my sister bought an annual subscription to an online course on weight loss. If you do not want to participate, read the rules of these sites and find out whether you can return the certificate in exchange for money.

Ugly knitted sweater

The color doesn’t suit you, the fabric is scratchy, and the cut make me look fat? Good news: ugly sweater easily converted into the original “skirt” for a Christmas tree like in this picture. It remains to learn how to crochet or find a seamstress to help.

Soap and body lotions

Every time you are sure that are going to use them, but they only accumulate in the bathroom. It is too late, pass it to any Fund to help needy families. Soap and other hygiene products, they always come in handy.

Hat, scarf, mittens

Grandma, I’m sorry: this is totally not your style. In addition, a drawer of your Cabinet have been Packed with these kits after the last holidays. But in any city there are places for homeless who are freezing in the winter.

Kitchen appliances that you already have

Who needs two Turks? Anyone. Will peredarit and don’t torment yourself with remorse.

Noisy toys

At some point these loud drums and whistles is so much that there are only two options: to get rid of them or go crazy from the noise. If you have decided to get rid of, find a child who will appreciate this toy appreciated (and coordinate it with their parents).

Source: housebeautiful.com Anna Stachura

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