10 useful things that have been taught by our mother

August 30, 2016

Sometimes it seems that the woman intuitively able to look at any product and understand how to cook it, or what gift to fold shirts so they do not myalis, we have from nature. But if you dig into memory, you can remember how in childhood you grasped this science, watching the mother (or the one that it replaced). And listening to explanations. Here are some useful female skills that your — present or future — husband should be grateful to my mother-in-law.

  1. To read vague recipes on the package. What do you mean “room temperature” if the room temperature can be such that fresh brew for five minutes turns into iced tea, and may be close to tropical? But you know what they mean.
  2. To understand when the chicken’s in the oven ceased to be raw and had not become burnt. In short, when it comes to the desired condition.

  3. To decipher the hieroglyphs on the tags of clothesso as not to turn it into a rag after the first washing/Ironing.

  4. Lay a bed linen, not svalyavskiy in feathers and not getting lost in the duvet cover.

  5. To understand men and learn notorious villains under the mask of nice and helpful guys.

  6. Start taking care of your own skin before the skin starts to hint at it herself. Once you can be, and didn’t want the sunscreen, because you wanted to be tanned, like a Negro. Every year (and every article about cancer) you’re more grateful to my mom for science. Yes, and other skills of self-care would not want, right?

  7. Dress for the weather and wear a bag with a sweater in case the evening turns cool. Even in my school years was hurt when you at the last moment were forced to flee and change a mini skirt into pants with fleece, but now one health problem less.

  8. To do a hundred things at once. When using one hand to write the fifth article in a row, the second is making dinner, and at the same time pay the bills, wash the dishes, wash and clean up after cats can only remember how mother worked, studied, kept house and raised the eternally ailing child — all no longer seem so impossible.

  9. To clean anything from anything: for example, to save a pan, in which burned the soup in the process of implementation of paragraph 8, and boiling it with soda.

  10. What is equally important: to bethink, if taking on too many tasks, to calm down, relax, and rearrange the priorities in your to-do list. This skill does not come immediately after a lot of trial and error, but once you realize that time to relax just need to have reappeared the strength to move on.

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