10 unexpected ways to use hygienic lipstick

January 11, 2017

Is chapstick can be used not only in order to protect the skin of the lips. There are plenty of applications about which you do not even know. We will discuss the most useful!


If a metal zipper began to jam, it is also possible to lubricate the lipstick and it will become much easier to open.

For cuticle care

You probably know that the cuticle needs to be regularly lubricated to avoid the formation of burrs and dry skin. But if the special oil on hand was not, does not matter. It will easily replace chapstick.

During hair coloring

Before you apply the paint on the hair, lubricate the skin along the hairline chapstick. She will not allow the paint to absorb into the skin.

During depilation

If while shaving you accidentally cut yourself, chapstick, quickly stop the bleeding. Just brush her wound.

To remove the ring from his finger

If the ring is not enough or you have swollen hands and the ring is difficult to remove with your finger, lubricate the skin with hygienic lipstick.


Now to give the eyebrows a beautiful shape use special gels for fixation. To replace such a tool can be an ordinary lip balm. He will fix unruly hairs and eyebrows will look neat.

From blisters

Not to RUB foot new shoes, try to put your heels or toes chapstick. It will create the skin a protective layer to reduce friction.

to Remove fingerprints of mascara under the eyes

Using hygienic lipstick is easy to remove traces of mascara, if you cried, laughed or scratched eye or just on the street it was raining. As an added bonus, it will not damage the layer of your makeup, which you applied in the morning.

To protect dog’s paws from cracking

In winter, reagent in dogs often have cracks on the legs from which they suffer and suffer. To protect feet, anoint them before going out lip balm, and the dog will be much easier.
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