10 unexpected jobs for the service YouDo that were performed

December 9, 2016

Did not have time to buy a gift for grandma or to pay the rent? Or you have other complex problems? Some of them seem so very heavy, and scary to approach. But others they just! We together with experts of the online service of household services YouDo.com have prepared for you ten of the most unexpected tasks that were completed successfully.

Lead head in order

Good day! We have such a problem, the 16-year old son during the repair on the head overturned Bank with glue, the part of the hair is cleaned, part had to be cut out… need Your help to get my head into some kind of decent view. Please refrain from stupid comments and write ONLY the performers !!! Hairdresser to leave the house!

Energy massage, you can massage the money

There are pros, absolutely in control of his energy and able to read and open channels? 1 – to Study the head, 2 Energy washing channels and action ability, 3 – the Opening of his inner sight Stalled on one idea, need to see the channels. Single occupation of the Territory being discussed

Buy a costume of a priest and taken to the center of Moscow

In the first half of the day tomorrow need to find in Moscow and buy a Halloween costume of a priest (unisex size M) and to deliver it to Red October (metro Kropotkinskaya or Polyanka).

Turkish delight

Good day! I became so sick and has no strength! And so you want the sweet Turkish delight, with pistachios Bring me Turkish delight ☺

Wake up for an important meeting

Come in time. Wake up at 7.40 am, make Breakfast from there or bring a couple of eggs. Iron a shirt, brew coffee in a mug with boiling water.

To congratulate the couple with anniversary costume heart

Looking for a sociable young man who can memorize a short text (including poetry) and am not afraid to congratulate the couple on the anniversary of their relationship. What you need:

  1. Pre-learn the text

  2. Tomorrow (September 3) at the address: Bolshoy putinkovskiy per., 5 – at 10:00

  3. To wear a suit of hearts (which I brought), take the gift (which will have to wait at the reception), to go to certain people (I’ll show a photo), to greet them with previously learned text, to present a gift to the young man

  4. If desired, pairs, 10-15 minutes with them to take pictures

    Release you at 11:00, maybe earlier. Payment – 1000R

Please do not respond to this job, if you have trouble remembering and, most importantly, a clear and confident pronunciation of the text, and if you have a fear of communicating with people or speak in public, and you hope to overcome it by participating in such events. Our goal is to beautifully congratulate the couple and to create good humor.

To get the cat out of the basement of a house

Pet cat ran away from the apartment and a few days sitting in the basement. Yourself are unable, but have seen it several times. Going out to eat. you need to get it and return to me alive and unharmed

To find a roof in Moscow with a good view

Want to spend the evening sitting on the roof looking at the city. I need someone who will tell you such a place) the Budget put up in accordance with the requirements of site MB even someone to keep you company will be served with wine or whiskey

Go there – don’t know where

Input: I Have one and a half hours of free time Monday from 16 to 17.30 and three hours of free time on Wednesday from 14 to 17.30 (with a break, that is more like two times an hour and a half from 14 to 15.30 and from 16 to 17.30) which I do not want to kill aimlessly, and hold if not usefully, then at least pleasantly. Geographically, 26 Baku Commissars str., 3. The child on occupations, mother toils… Because I’m bored talking with their mothers about what the world p. but men are bast…, the products are expensive, again expensive ink and defective got the other flood. Because I don’t like inspired Schopp, TTS does not lead me to the pig delight, and one time was enough for me to learn the assortment of the nearest HC.
To sit with a tablet and toys, knitting or a book I’m bored, too. But half an hour is not such a big gap, to take advantage of (like the map in the USSR to buy, all are illogical). In General, help me to keep me busy.
Consider one and all, ready to walk sedately with the pensioner, it is very interesting sometimes to talk “for life”, can wonky to ride on roller skates in the Park nearby (one can’t ride bad!), can … Yes I can and want to. And willing to pay for different experiences, because it is a very enriching colors of life. Don’t think of this free collection of proposals, your imagination is not enough. Looking for Performer-multi-instrumentalist or orchestra actually ready to redraw if Performers can choose several.

To clean the dead cockroach

The assignment for the most courageous and responsible. To come within the hour, max one and a half, on the way to buy a vehicle.

One photo

Hello! The sooner the better, today to 21 00 I would like to have the finished work. So, I have a photo of a male,(attached) which holds the tray with the fish. Task – to remove from the tray the fish which is now and to put back (as NATURAL as possible!!) “presentable fish” such as carp, pike-perch, on the edge of bream. 500 rubles!

Eugene Golobokova

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