10 tips for a busy women that will forever change your life

July 1, 2016

These simple solutions from the channel Fox Life will help you to easily cope with the cleaning and not spend too much time maintaining order in the house.

Always start cleaning from the bed

For this there are several reasons.

First: made bed is a great place to lay out her things for further sorting.

Second: you won’t be tempted again to get under a warm blanket with a Cup of coffee and a laptop.

And third but not least: bed linen is one of the main sources of dust in the house. If you wipe the dust and vacuum the floor and then start to change bedding, on furniture and around the bed again to settle a lot of dust.

Use sticky roller for cleaning

This simple thing is in every house, but few people uses it for cleaning. And in vain. Using the roller for clothes, you can quickly remove dust from lampshades, to collect the crumbs, wrappers and other debris, which appeared in a handbag, to remove pet hair from cushions and chairs or to clean accumulated dust with soft toys (rag dolls) and other decorative details that adorn your shelves.

Walk around the house in soft socks

You know, these soft and sweet socks from polyester, which can be bought at almost any supermarket. Buy a few pairs (they are not expensive) and just walk in them around the house. You will be surprised how well they perform the role of collector! You don’t even have to bend over and make an effort to dust or scrub the stain on the floor. When you are done with cleanup, just wash the socks. By the way, old and with holes is replaced by a microfiber cloth. They can be put on the MOP to clean the floor, and even hand to wipe the furniture.

Use furniture Polish

To Shine chrome surfaces and coatings of stainless steel, use furniture Polish. She copes with fingerprints, and you will not need to scrub anything.

Buy liquid soap instead of the usual

And the sink in the bathroom would be much cleaner and you don’t need to scrub the soap dish and the space around.

Often turn on the dishwasher

It is possible to wash not only dirty dishes, but also children toys made of rubber and plastic, stand for pencils and papers and even cosmetic brushes.

Remove sticky stains with baby powder

If you do not want to scrub sticky spots on the floor, sprinkle dirty areas with baby powder, wait a bit, and then just sweep up the powder in the scoop. Sneaker longer stick to the floor.

Use baby oil

This is perhaps the best way to clean dirty faucets and handles made of steel. Pour a little baby oil on a rag or napkin and wipe the faucets. They will Shine like new for longer and not get dirty afterwards.

…and scraper for glass-ceramic plate

Those who have the house has a cooking surface of glass-ceramic, are probably familiar with this subject. But they can clean not only the oven, and any flat surface glass and tile. For example, immediately scrape away the limescale from the walls of a shower enclosure, stuck the remnants of grease from the tiles of the kitchen apron or stains from Windows, which never fell off (drops of paint or old stickers).

Put in a hallway tray

Now on the street slush, so on the floor in the hallway constantly appear dirty puddles of the Shoe. To avoid this, place at the entrance to the plastic tray and place the dirty and wet shoes on it. So you don’t have to constantly MOP the floor.

Lay a disposable diaper

Cots, Pets (especially dogs) so often become dirty. To every month not to wash and not tap out favorite place of your pet, use disposable diapers for dogs. They are soft, well absorb the smell, and the bed is always clean. The extent of contamination, you will only need to change a diaper.

Photo: Fotodom, fotoimedia / Ingram.

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