10 things to do in the garden before the frost

August 27, 2016

Experimental woman-the florist of course, you know what to do in late autumn at the site. But to remind is never superfluous.

1.Cropping is the main autumn jobs in the flower garden. Before the cold weather is needed to cut the ground part of all plants and is especially important to remove diseased, infected by fungal diseases and pests withered stalks and leaves. This tops should be burned, but healthy cut branches of perennials and remote rooted annuals can be used for snow guard on the landings strawberry or to shelter other plants.

2.To protect the root system from freezing, inspect perennial flowers and, if they see that their roots are exposed backfill soil. Especially in need of Phlox and geyhera.

3.Don’t forget to cover nezametnye types of decorative trees and shrubs (weigela, hydrangea macrophylla, rhododendron) and young conifers. Pour the root system sawdust, oak leaf or other mulch layer.

4.If been seeds of annuals, loop through them, remove the dried remnants of the flower and receptacle, if necessary, label and store in a dry place. By the way, cold-hardy annuals can be sown before winter, they will bloom much earlier than usual.

5.With approach of steady frosts necessarily cover roses. Always check, especially after strong winds, is it good keeps your shelter.

6. Cut the shoots of clematis, leaving 2-3 knots over ground. Does not need pruning Badan, geyhera, geraniums and other plants, stretching towards the winter with the foliage.

7.Don’t forget to dig up the Dahlia tubers, bulbs, gladioli, and begonias montbretii, rhizomes Cannes. Dig dahlias only after a strong frost “beat” stem. As soon as die ground part of the plant, to delay the cleaning it is impossible!

8.Before putting it in storage, be sure to Bessarabia korneklubni Dahlia and gladioli corms. Put the underground part of the plant for 30-60 minutes in 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate. Also for processing, you can use any fungicide.

9.Tulips can be planted almost until winter. If you see in the sale of healthy Tulip bulbs with the discount, do not hesitate, buy and drop. Tulips will bloom beautifully the first year, perhaps just after the deadline. Before planting, the bulbs must be processed in a solution of fungicide and allow to dry. Perennial flowers for the garden in the North.

10.Also in the first days of stable freezing of the soil you can plant asters, godetia, dimorphoteca, tobacco, iberis, marigold, poppies, Mattiolo.

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