10 terrible historical facts of women’s lives

February 1, 2017

When you once again hear about the “good old days” when all was well, try them on yourself.

No, we are not even talking about Russian village in the late NINETEENTH century, where you could just grab the wife by the hair and tear it off with a piece of the scalp was perfectly normal. You can look into the story deeper.

We live in a Patriarchal world created by men for the convenience of men. And to be born female in this world for centuries has meant a lifelong curse and continuous nightmare.

Only the efforts of the “abnormal activists” of feminism, but the two world wars of the twentieth century, which killed a lot of men have enabled women, in principle, to obtain at least some rights of the individual. And in the glorious days of noble antiquity, the situation was like this:


The enlightened inhabitants of Athens and of Rome, left us with such a high culture — have brought their daughters to die in the woods. Preserved written evidence when the husbands punish the pregnant woman: “If it’s a girl, kill her immediately, we don’t need another mouth to feed”.

Even in rich families of the nobility were at once preferred to get rid of all the worries related to dowry, when the time comes to give the daughter. Cultural people, philosophers.


Women during menstruation were avoided. In Papua New Guinea they left at the time of menstruation from the village and lived in separate huts. The man touching woman’s hand even in this period, was considered contagious and should be killed.
Savages, right? Whether it is the Israelis who left us the old Testament. They just considered her unclean, and anything she touched. And the Romans believed that the way women with monthly kisnet milk and dying bees.
Incidentally, the belief that during menstruation sour dough does not rise bread, there is a Baker still, though it is complete nonsense.
The twenty-first century, welcome.


In Athens, the father could sell into slavery his daughter, if she lost virginity before marriage. In Israel, any girl engaged in sex outside of marriage could death by stoning. In Samoa, the head of the tribe on the wedding finger deprived a bride of innocence for all to see that the product gozhaya.
Never, never, no one bothered to ask the groom and the Bank whether it is her virginity until marriage? Even the question has never been raised.
The woman is just considered in a Patriarchal society thing, which should be here such and such properties, and even this, as it membrane!


So, in Rome the duties of the slaves belonged to sexually serve their masters. A slave could rape any free citizen, and in this case he had only to pay the owner for damage to property. In addition, some professions were powerless in this respect. So, even the free ones Actresses could be rape, and it is recognized by society “normal order of things”.
In the middle ages, Saint Augustine was considered a very progressive thinker, only for the fact that suggested that raped women have to kill themselves. However, he believed that a woman can get pleasure during the rape.


We will not now about mountain regions of the Caucasus, right?
In China until 1940 it was considered normal to steal the bride against her will. In Japan, the last such case was recorded in 1959. In Ireland, brides steal like sheep to the 1880s.
There is some special, special savagery in this manner. Patriarchy implies that a woman thing, and historically it passed through all country.
The same Rome where the girls are just killed upon birth, be extinct if not living with the abduction of brides. Many times in the Bible described this custom as an example of valor.


No, it was not only in Sparta. Duty of the mother in Rome was “to kill the crippled child as quickly as possible” or to pass it on to someone who will do it for her.

The level of obstetrics at the time you imagine? In the category of persons with disabilities were even children with sprains and fractures of the clavicle at birth or with too large fontanel on the head. Archaeologists have found mass graves of infants in urban sanitation.
It is estimated that 25% of all births, then children were killed by parents in the first year of life.


In Greece and the Roman Republic, a woman had no right to leave the house without a male escort.
In the company of a woman had the right words, she had to come and leave in silence in your room, so as not to disturb the men.
In Denmark, the wife worasinchai her husband was put in stocks and drove through the streets.
In England in the mouth of a woman gagged with spikes and a bell and taken out to the square under the General bullying.


Married woman caught with another man, the Romans had the right to kill. Decided husband. At the same time, raped her or not, did not matter.
The puritans-immigrants who founded America had the same rules against sex outside of marriage.

In the Middle ages for adultery women are killed. Using a special red-hot tongs, which the woman pinched and tore alternately each breast. And she either died from the pain and infection or remained all his life an invalid. Exactly the same torture relied for a miscarriage.

Tellingly, no punishment for male adulterers are unknown. Perhaps because they never existed? Well, except when, ever a jealous husband slaughtered. But men were supposed punishment, and torture unfaithful wife — no. Choice, sorry for the cynicism, is extremely simple.


Until the late 19th century, it was quite in the tradition of India that the widow climbed on to the funeral pyre of her husband, to burn alive there, along with his corpse. During the war in the besieged city, if the defenders saw that things are bad — women were obliged to burn herself with the children. With living husbands. Severe defenders first watched their families die on their orders, and then rubbed his face with ashes, and went out for revenge.
— Yeah, come on, woman. Add me motivation that you sit? Inspire me!


Archaeologists found in Africa several Parking lots cavemen. On the remains revealed that most of the men lived on the site of the camp all his life. But all the women were originally urozhencami other regions. They just were taken from their tribes.

According to the materials listverse Ekaterina Sarycheva

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