10 techniques that will help to grow strong seedlings

January 22, 2017

To grow seedlings from seeds is not easy. The seeds of many plants are capricious, and require constant care, a certain temperature, humidity and lighting. Exercise is troublesome and laborious, but very exciting, and most importantly, grateful. And if done wisely, will need.

How to grow strong seedlings

Steaming of the soil

Before planting it is very important to decontaminate the soil, preferably even purchase. It can be freezing, removing them in the freezer and then warmed in a water bath, in the microwave or in the oven, vysypat the soil on a baking sheet and stirring occasionally. The procedure is performed in order to kill pests, bacteria and fungi that may be present in any soil and subsequently cause the death of your plants. Do it better in advance, not immediately before sowing of seeds. As along with harmful bacteria are killed and the beneficial microflora, but if you wait, eventually she will have time to partially recover.

Once you processed the soil, it is possible to add ash or charcoal, raw ground shell and sand.

Preparation of seed

How to grow sturdy tomato seedlings? The seeds germinate well, there are several ways of training, and for each crop. One of the ways, which is especially suitable for tomatoes: – put seeds in cheesecloth on a saucer with water at room temperature and leave for 12-18 hours. Then put the wet bag with the seeds in plastic wrap and put into the fridge for a day or two, and get immediately before planting in the ground.

The frequency of seeding

The density of sowing seeds depends on their size. The rule is: – the finer the seed, the more you need to sow. If small seeds to sow rarely — they do not germinate, so the best is still slightly thickened landing, than not get germination at all. If you plant seeds deeper than necessary, they, too, can climb not all, planting depth of seeds for most species is equal to 2 diameters of the seed.


Seeds are very sensitive to temperature, and if it does not meet the requirements, nothing happens. In this case, you need to be interested in each culture separately, but the most suitable temperature for seed germination is considered to be +18…+25°C, and for thermophilic cultures to +25…+S0°C.

oxygen and water

Seeds germinate, they need oxygen, and the dense soil and especially cork on it prevents this. Below the crust is not formed immediately, the soil in the containers must be shed before sowing seeds and after you planted them. It is important to loosen the soil and make sure that she was slightly moist and light. The first time seeds need to be covered with a film or glass, and when the sprouts appear, remove foil. While seeds will not germinate, the soil is better than watering, but if it is dry, moisten bottle with sprayer or pour water into the pan. Water for irrigation should be at room temperature .


Do not forget that there are zotovskoye seeds — they are generally not covered with soil, because an important prerequisite for germination is light.
If seedlings can’t drop the shell of the seed just water it for several days with water, and then remove the husk by using needles very carefully.

By the way, if you have a lot of houseplants, often they can also be damaged by pests, so in order to avoid infection, the seedlings are best grown in a separate window-sill, and even better in different rooms.


How to grow strong seedlings of tomatoes? Any seedlings need feeding, it should not be disregarded. In order for the seedlings to feed, its first to be shed normal water not to burn the delicate root system. Fertilizer should be diluted to a weak concentration.


When your plants get a little older, it is necessary to dive, i.e. to transplant to a larger container, to enable it to develop. This is done when the plant will be the second true leaf. However, not all cultures tolerate pick, so they are not transplanted. After the plants are transplanted, it must be put in the shade and do not water for about 5 days.


How to grow strong seedlings of peppers? Before the time comes to transplant the seedlings in the open ground, it is necessary to begin to temper, or even light frosts can kill. 10-12 days before transplanting to a permanent place, start to make it to the balcony, gradually increasing the time during which the plants will be outdoors. Start with a couple of hours, and subsequently expose the seedlings for the whole day. The longer you chill, the more it will be stronger. Minimum term of 3 days. When to plant seedlings

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