10 stars who don’t know how to choose swimwear

July 1, 2016

The choice of swimsuit – such difficult history that it is not always better even stars who can afford not to pay attention to prices. Study on the star.

Cameron Diaz is clearly missed with the size of the bikini! Typical problem: the swimsuit during the fitting sitting right on the figure, after a swim, stretched and proved very large.

Beyoncé’s beautiful figure, but a swimsuit this form does not look too flattering even for her!

Kate Upton swimsuit is definitely small: bikini cut into the body, and the breast literally falls out of the top.

The incomparable Lena Lenina even bathed in full regalia – gloves, heels, jewelry, wide-brimmed hat and sheer top. The nightmare of every stylist!

Apparently, this favorite swimsuit Paris Hilton, she’s been keeping since childhood. How else to explain that he cannot cover up the Breasts?

Yana Rudkovskaya carefully follow the figure and is in great shape – just imagine that this fragile woman has three children. But this swimsuit Yana just small!

Anastasia is not the first shocking photos of the social network in a tiny bikini.

This swimsuit ballerina unnaturally broad shoulders and almost no neck.

Victoria Bonya chose a fashionable swimsuit in a large pea, which completely deprived her waist.

Kelly Osbourne then loses weight, then gains the weight back. Obviously, this swimsuit is left with the “lean” times it strikes the body, emphasizing figure flaws.

Slender uma Thurman fairly large Breasts need greater support. This swimsuit Breasts look ugly and saggy.

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