10 signs of early pregnancy

July 1, 2016

If you are experiencing something strange (taste changes, nausea in the morning, increases the chest) and it is accompanied by the absence of regular menstruation, most likely you are pregnant. We will advise you on what are the first signs of early pregnancy should pay attention, if you suspect that you’re expecting.

Signs of early pregnancy are not apparent immediately after conception, but only after 7-10 days. It is worth noting that all this is very individual – some women may 2-3 months not to notice the pregnancy, especially in terms of irregular menstrual cycle. While others feel this condition almost immediately, especially experienced moms who already have children.

The main signs of early pregnancy

  1. A delay period. The first sign of early pregnancy that cannot be ignored. Even if your interesting position is not confirmed, the reasons for the delay you still need to find out from the doctor.

  2. The increase of basal temperature. As a rule, basal body temperature increases during ovulation. If after ovulation it falls down, is one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

  3. Breast enlargement and soreness in it. Hormones begin to act: the expectant mother Breasts increase and slightly hurt.

  4. Frequent urination. The uterus increases in size and presses on the bladder, causing pregnant women often run to the toilet.

  5. New taste preferences. Craving for unusual products or do weird things (such as chalk or earth) is another symptom.

  6. Sleepiness and fatigue. Hormonal changes in the body are often the cause of the constant desire to sleep. If you find it difficult to focus and you very quickly get tired, do the test.

  7. Cramps in the calf muscles. Happen usually at night, during sleep.

  8. The increase in emissions. If you notice that you often have to change the gaskets, the reason may be that you are pregnant. Because the increase in hormones causes many women to increase the amount of mucus.

  9. Morning sickness. Unwell in the morning in pregnant women due to a drop in blood sugar levels. Some manage to avoid nausea in the mornings, while others it hurts all of 9 months.

  10. Irritability. Sudden changes in mood – one of the most common signs that you will soon have a baby.

Today the best way to determine pregnancy at home is test. But you should not 100% trust its results because, for various reasons, sometimes the test is wrong. To answer accurately, you are pregnant or not can a gynecologist. So even if you notice the first few signs of pregnancy in the early stages, do not rush to conclusions, but better to come on reception to the doctor.

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