10 sensitive movies about love and passion

July 28, 2016

Love is not only romance, but also passion. Specially for our readers online cinema Tvzavr.ru prepared a list of films about passionate feelings and passion.


Sometimes you want to beautiful book of history came to life… Because everything is so romantic and dramatic, and the end is always good. A young writer gives his manuscript to a publisher. Everyone who reads it, is just in shock because written stories suddenly start to become a reality, changing the reality of those who read them. A film about love and passion consists of four short stories, each of which raises social and ethical issues, shows the absurdity, drama, Comedy and at the same time the tragedy of life in modern society.

Intimate places

Aloud nobody speaks about it, but think about it. The film is about love and passion tells of a notorious young people with problems in personal and intimate life. One of them is a photographer who takes their own and others genitals, another employee moral Committee, which is developing a bill to ban erotica, but at the same time she constantly thinks about sex, the third — psychoanalyst, who tries to help their customers to solve intimate problems, but also more entangled in his. In a big city life is hard…


Rumor has it that this film reflects the real beginning of the career of Ashton Kutcher. Nikki — hot handsome gigolo who lives off his wealthy lovers. His most recent passion — Samantha is a successful lawyer, middle-aged. She’s beautiful, smart and very generous. However, in its absence, the hero meets a young beautiful waitress Heather, which leads to his house. They tied a whirlwind romance, and Nicky truly falls in love. But all that suddenly discovers a benefactor of the hero — Samantha. And Heather is doing the same thing that Nikki has an affair with rich men to live at their expense.

Servant Of Pan Ja

Mun Yong — rich and famous womanizer who never misses a skirt. After another passionate night he spent with a married woman, the hero, as usual,runs away from the scene of the “crime”. This time, however, he fails to escape from an angry wife seduced girls: the moon catches up with Ena. In order to avoid punishment, the hero disguises his servant, ban Joo in their clothing and beaten with sticks to get him. The scene of beating out the window, sees the beautiful Chun Hyang is the only beautiful woman in town that mun Yong can not seduce. Thinking that the beaten servant is moon Yong, the girl invites him into the house, helps to heal wounds and… falls in love with him, completely unaware that this is just his servant pan ja.

Another Bovary

She wanted to live a luxurious life, to love and to be loved. Along with her husband from a cold and foggy England she moved to the South of France, where he became the object of attention of all men. Sensual and light, she makes several novels, jumping in love, as if in a whirlpool with a head. Maybe this modern adaptation of the cult novel “Madame Bovary” will have a more happy ending?

Gainsbourg. Love Bully

He lived as he wanted, not hiding your desires, do not hesitate in expressions. He is credited with love Affairs with Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. His indecent proposal Whitney Houston live once said the whole world. However, he became known primarily thanks to his brilliant poems and songs. The life of Serge Gainsbourg,it seems, consisted of revelry and fun. No wonder his daughter is a famous actress Charlotte Gainsbourg — starring in a very controversial films. Her work is a picture of Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac”.

Under the Tuscan sun

The best cure for depression is Sunny Italy. The famous writer Francis hard going through a cheating husband and subsequent divorce. The crisis in personal life gradually becomes creative: Francis no longer wants to write, cannot feel pleasure from life and deeper into apathy. However, the surprise lesbian friend gives her a ticket to Italy: Francis goes to this wonderful Sunny country as part of a gay group. Italy not only treats the writer from depression, but also gives her new meaning of life.

Little Faith

Faith is a regular high school girl from a working class family. She likes to go to discos,and one of them met with an incredibly smart and beautiful student named Sergei. The protagonists escape from a police RAID, fall in love with each other and even decide to get married. However, the parents of the Faith against the young person: they are afraid of his too liberal ideas. In a fit of anger, the girl’s father rushes to Sergei with a knife and hurt him. Now Sergei have to decide whether to tell about the attack of militia or not. After all, if he’ll do it, dad, Faith was jailed almost for life, if not — it would betray their principles…

Byzantine Princess

“Spanish movie” and “passion” are almost synonymous. Byzantine Princess Carmesina has long been a subject of sighs of the Turkish Sultan Muhammad II. Capturing Constantinople, he requested the Byzantine Emperor to give him his daughter, to stop the war. However Carmesina has long been in love with the companion of his father, the Tirant. He also likes the girl, even talking to her on date night. However, the treacherous lady-in-waiting of the Princess, nicknamed “the Quiet widow willing to do anything to prevent the Union of the two lovers. She is also madly in love with the Tirant and for the sake of it are ready to betray even their own country, their own faith.

Evil connection

It’s not even love at first sight, it’s kind of inexplicable but strong urge that cannot be resisted. They met at a wedding party and after ten minutes of communication realized that know each other all their lives. Tonight, the heroes have time to discuss everything, to share their darkest secrets, about which nobody had never talked and spent together an unforgettable night. However, their love and passion faded with the first rays of the sun. Why? That’s life.

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