10 secrets that will help you to achieve the perfect eyebrow

September 17, 2016

To your eyebrows looked really great, follow these rules, and the result will not wait!

1. Do not touch the eyebrows six months

We are quite aware of what reaction will cause this advice, but believe me, that’s the advice given to us leading make-up artists, beauty bloggers and owner of the most beautiful eyebrows,which we meticulously interviewed. In order to understand what the natural form of your eyebrows where the hairs grow, and how densely, it is necessary to wait for the awakening of all hair follicles. Some of them are in the resting stage, some in the active phase, and regular tweezing, you can “kill” young hairs instead of the old, not allowing the eyebrows to be updated. In six months you will see how the situation really is: where hairs less than we would like, where more and be able to make a correction with all the features. Recommend during this period to use the funds for growth of eyebrows: the Eyebrow gel from Talika, a growth stimulator eyebrows Alerana or BrowRevive, Adonia.

2. Make a mask for the eyebrows

In the process of sprouting at the end and generally at the first opportunity, apply on eyebrows oil. The best option burdock or castor, good also, sea buckthorn, almond and linen. The scheme is simple: apply and leave for a longer period.

3. Go to the professionals

“You do not treat your teeth. You (hopefully) don’t cut my own hair, you don’t come to mind to change the taps on the shoes, ” says “Queen of eyebrows Anastasia soiree — so why do you think that eyebrows could make it easier? I do not insist on constant visits to the stylist, but the first time after grooming is necessary that the professional has chosen the optimal shape and taught you how to maintain it. If in good faith to comply with the recommendations for correction to the master enough to go every 3-4 months.

4. Forget about the wax and thread

“It’s the most brutal methods of removing unwanted hair, which can seriously damage hair follicles and even cause scarring and bald patches! — warns Anastasia, — in any case, do not use these dangerous techniques! The hair can be cut, point, and gently remove quite so “outstanding”, but in any case not to make the eyebrows a session of waxing!”

5. First paint, then tweaked

Beauty guru Christy Streicher all clients advises: first, paint mascara on the eyebrow pencil or shadow and only then start to give it shape. The fact that some hairs are so thin and unobtrusive that it seems as if they are not. Meanwhile, after applying the pigment, they become noticeable, they need to consider when choosing a shape or correction.

6. Do not let the cream to get on eyebrows

Whenever you apply the serum, cream or lotion, be careful to brow remained dry and untouched. Olivia culpo, winner of Miss USA 2012 and Miss universe 2012, the owner of a fantastically beautiful eyebrows, reveals the secret: “My makeup artist once told me that any cream or mask slow growth of eyebrows, and since I take great care to nothing more fall on them, and the result struck me in the heart!”

7. Do not dye your eyebrows one shade

Just as your hair has uneven color, the hairs on the eyebrows are not the same. Part — a little lighter part darker, and that’s fine. Always use at least 2 shades of eye shadow or eyebrow pencil. Normally the ends of the brows slightly darker, and the arch is a little lighter. Way you do it!

8. Choose the shades correctly

“The principle is very simple: if you don’t want to look like a painted doll, choose shades for brows darker tone natural hair color, if you have blond or light brown, and a LIGHTER tone if you are dark-haired. Just so happens a natural, natural,” insists Christy Streicher.

9. Only up

Always comb your eyebrows upwards and never from the nose to the temples, or worse, down. The higher the arch of the eyebrows — and the more expressive your eyes are, the more natural look and the more edgy in General.

10. Do massage

To improve circulation and accelerate hair growth, daily massage of the eyebrows from the inner to the outer edge small circular motions. By the way, it would be beneficial to the eyes will decrease the puffiness and lymphatic congestion.

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